Saturday, May 28, 2016

One year with my Yoska Love

I can't believe I have been with Yoska for a year today.  What a great time we have had.  I'm just going to bombard this post with Yoska pictures. :)

During this year he has met many friends both dog and human.  Been to a few National Parks and across the US.  
Here is a map of the states Yoska has been to in this last year.

Hope you enjoy see pictures... Hard to pick out just a few to share.

One of our first pictures together.
He took to TicTac right off the bat.
Getting his tag.
Becoming a biker dog.
Relaxing in TicTac.
Enjoying the sun.
In the field of Montana
Yoska and I at work at the photo shop in Montana
His favorite hangout in Montana... Visiting Jack and Christina at the library.
Needles Highway, South Dakota
Yoska chasing his buddy Brutus, South Dakota
At my parents house in Kentucky

Driving the boat in Kentucky
Meeting Michelle for the first time and her friend Winter as they stopped during their bicycle trip across the country.
Relaxing at the lake in Kentucky
Showing off his Thunder vest.
Guarding Blue and TicTac

Snuggle time
Getting comfortable
First pub.
Hanging out with our friend Renee in Tennessee
Keeping warm
Playing Uno
With his BFF Boo in California
Coming in from the rain.
Hanging out in the desert off Route 66 California

First hike, Amboy Crater, California
Bryce Canyon, Utah
His work spot for the season.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Death Valley

Death Valley is a beautiful place and I wish we had time to explore more.  We did pay for a campsite in Death Valley instead of finding a free site because of location.  We wanted to do Artist Drive close to sunset and without TicTac in tow.  After riding that road that was the right decision.

On the way to Death Valley we stopped at this Alien Jerky place... Fun quick stop to stretch the legs.

Here is the first big view you get at Death Valley... And this is just a snippet of what to see.

It was quite warm while we were there so we wanted to get to the site and rest a bit before heading back out to Artist Drive.

What a great ride... One of my favorites so far.

Also a beautiful evening for a ride.  Couldn't of asked for anything better.

Love having Michelle with me to take pictures as we rode.  Quite fun to be able to share the pics of the ride with everyone.

There were a couple of these "dips" which looked like you were going to fall off the edge of a cliff.  Fun ride.

It took us probably an hour to get all the way thru... It's a one way road with lots of curves, dips, spectacular scenery and narrow roads.  

We got back to our sight and the sky was red.  What a perfect evening.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Amboy Crater and Mojave National Preserve

We got on the road nice and early and headed back to Amboy to check out the Amboy Crater.  It was Yoska's first hike.  Nice hike up to the middle of the crater... You can also go up and around the rim but we didn't check out the map til we got back.

Yoska had a good time.  It got a little warm while out but Yoska is a trouper.  Had to hand him off to Michelle at times because she is a much quicker hiker than me.

Here is Yoska and I hiking up the side of the crater... Look close and you can see Yoska's ears at the bottom of my pant leg.  It was a nice way to start the day.  Then we headed down Route 66 to get back on the interstate and head to Mojave National Preserve.

Nice ride til we got off the interstate to head into Mojave.  Probably one of the worse roads I have been down in my travels.  There is another way in but I forgot and we passed it by.  Beautiful scenery but potholes galore.  We finally made it to the turn and stopped off to check out the train post/ visitor center.  It was unfortunately closed that day... Bummer cause I wanted a sticker to put on TicTac.

We put Yoska in jail... He looked so pitiful and not impressed. Haha

We had a beautiful free campsite next to the war memorial inside Mojave National Preserve.  One of my favorite free sites so far.  We only had time to stay one night but we really enjoyed this site and the only ones there.

It was a beautiful day.  No rain and lots of sun.  We had a nice ride other than the pothole road and another gas station with well over $5/gallon... That was double the average gas price in California.

Wonderful evening and we even got to see stars at night.  We were two happy campers.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Joshua Tree and Friends

We headed down to Joshua Tree which was close but the opposite direction we were heading... What is a road trip if you don't squiggle your way across country. :)

There was a chance of rain in the desert for the day but we seemed to stay pretty much in front of it.  I have wanted to go to Joshua Tree for years... I was always close, heading to Slab City, but never went.  Michelle had a National Park pass from her bicycle trip and it didn't expire until we were going to be in New Hampshire... So we took advantage of it.  

On our way to Joshua Tree our friend Jan drove by us and we pulled over to say hi.... Never had that happen before... Riding down the road in a town I've never been in to look over to see someone I know thru Facebook and a friend of a friend waving at us to pull over.

It turned out to be a pretty nice day with the gloom of rain coming.

We saw these rock climbers and one guy climbed all the way up there with nothing attached... Pretty cool to watch.

Beautiful look out.

We road thru and then had lunch at the visitor center on the way out.  We stopped to get gas and head to spend the night with Jan... As we were leaving the gas station the rain started to come.  We got a few sprinkles and drove right out of the rain.

We had a great evening with Jan and our friend Hulda stopped by to chat a bit.  We had a beautiful double rainbow to start off the evening.

Was a great day.  Jan showed us some of his hobbies and things he was working on.  He loves to learn how things work and it was fascinating learning all about his projects.  Michelle got to release the Homing Pigeons and what a sight to see them circle over and over in a group and go right back in to their cage.  I loved the sound their wings made as they passed over head.  Yoska also made a new friend. I am blessed to meet so many people and everyone with their own unique hobbies and ways they enjoy life. 

We headed from here to Mojave National Preserve...