Sunday, January 28, 2024

Off grid I go 12/26/16

 Santa brought me this very Awesome gift this year. It is an electric generator that will charge and run everything I have... I just ordered the solar panel that will charge it. I can't wait to put it to good use. Next Monday I'll be back to my life on the road heading west to spend the rest of the winter somewhere in the desert.

We tried this mini crockpot we found at the Salvation Army with my new electric generator.  Success! It took about 2 hours for it to be ready to eat. Pretty comparable to when we tried it out plugging it into the wall when we first got the crockpot. Quite excited!!

So far we have charged a smart phone 3 times, a kindle once and an iPad twice before the cheese dip and we are still around 50%. Solar panel should come tomorrow to see how long it takes to charge.

Testing out the 60W foldable solar panel I got to charge the electric generator. Getting the last few rays of the day. It should take somewhere around 5 hours to fully charge from a dead to almost dead generator. It's a charge the generator during the day and charge the electronics at night... but since it can charge everything for a few days an hour or so every day or two of charging should keep it nice and charged. I can also charge my phone and iPad with just the solar panel... at 60W the solar panel could charge the battery in TicTac also. Renewable energy all the way for this woman... now to work on turning Blue into an electric solar powered motorcycle.

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