Friday, November 27, 2015

A few more weeks

I sooo can't wait to be done here at Amazon.  Not a good year here and I'm just done.  

Thinking about what's next.  Going to have a travel partner after here and I am quite excited.  Michelle, my girlfriend, will be joining me.  She finished up her bicycle trip across the country and has been working here in Kentucky with me since October.  All three of us in the glamped up TicTac. Yoska quite adores her and her extra attention and we have been having a great time.  We plan to work a lot this year and then by this time next year may try something new... Maybe heading south thru South America or teaching English in Japan or maybe still wandering here in the US... Who knows.  I'm going to save up for a new engine for Blue and a sidecar... We will see what happens.

Right now we are finishing up the season here at Amazon and looking for work to start in January.  Something fun and interesting in an interesting place.  Guess we will see what happens.

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday.  Ornaments we made out of magazine pictures and starburst wrappers,,, the topper being the top of the cork of our bourbon bottle.

Life is good.

Monday, November 2, 2015

3 years and a quick update

I just had my 3 year anniversary of being on the road.  Time goes by so quickly!

It was a cold, wet start 3 years ago.  Many adventures, people and learning experiences.

Having a good time here in Kentucky.  My friends have all been arriving to work and it is great to see familiar faces and have 2 of my favorite people here to hang out with.

Getting cooler but not too bad.  We are still seeing the sun every few days so that helps a lot.

Michelle carved 2 pumpkins I absolutely love!

Also had a evening of dying my hair. 😄

We are glamping it out this year with RV friends letting us borrow a few items.  We have more of a kitchen then I have had in some of the apartments I use to live in.

Not much else going on here.  Sorry for the delay in posting... have quite the full schedule with work and the busy season upon us... Hopefully some 50 to 60 hour weeks ahead to make some money for winter travels.

More to come soon.