Friday, December 21, 2012

Patti's Settlement

Last week my mom and a friend went to a farewell lunch at Patti's Settlement in Grand Rivers, KY.  Christmas spit up everywhere... but it wasn't tacky.  I don't know how they did it because I have never seen that many decorations put together before.  Here are some pictures of the room we had lunch in.

Sorry the pictures aren't so good... I really need to remember to bring my camera with me... one day.

It was quite funny because later in the lunch I started seeing those possessed elves everywhere.. I didn't notice them right away.  Kind of freaked me out because that elf on the shelf thing is just freaky... nightmares. haha... I think it replaced the creepy gnomes as the creepiest thing ever.  I honestly think those elves came into the room after we arrived to watch me.  I really have been good this year. ;)

This is a really great place and you could spend quite a lot of time here.  They have shops, miniature golf, animals a playground and who knows what else.  We were there during the day but they deck out the entire grounds with Christmas lights and such.  They had a gazebo full of Christmas tress.  I of course had to get my picture taken with all of that.

I really enjoyed my time with my parents in Kentucky.  Met some really nice people and learned how to play Bunko and Canasta... I should be set for any RV park I stay at. ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Windy day

I started my travels but today I am staying put.  Very windy out there so I am having a day napping, crocheting and watching movies with my boys.  It is nice and relaxing traveling and not really having to be anywhere right away.  I was going to go a short ways today but winds are 20+ mph with up to 45mph gusts... went thru that getting to Kentucky thru Sandy and I have to say sometimes I ignore warning and keep on trucking but today I think it will be all good to just relax... what a fabulous thing about having all of your home with you... you can just stop and not have to worry about a thing.

I was so proud of myself because I backed Blue and our home into a parking spot... it took about 10 minutes but I did it!!

My drive yesterday was relaxing for the most part.  I had a small part where I was going in circles as I kept telling myself I was going to look at the map... haha... but I found my way.

I'm excited to be able to spend Christmas with my brother.  We always have a good time... I hope he likes my new home. :D  He said he wants to spend the night so it will be quite fun.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hitting the Road

I am packing, packing, packing and getting ready to hit the road!  Hopefully I will be on the road sometime Wednesday.  Excited to go visit my brother for Christmas.  I have a few days to get there so I will meander my way and see what I can see.  This time I am more organized so hopefully all will be good.  I also have my tent and everything I need to go off the map for a few days which could be fun.

My dad put some lettering on the back on my trailer to promote this blog and my BlueRoad project.

So if you see me on the road be sure to give a wave.  If you take a picture please post on my Facebook page or post where you spotted me I would love to know.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Only a few more days

Today I finally got Blue licensed and ready to go.  My dad is making a shelf for my computer in the trailer and that is done and just needs to be put in.  Now I have to finish a few crochet items and some other work and I will be ready to go.

I will probably leave somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday depending on the weather.  Right now it looks like Sunday will be the warmest and driest day.  I will sure miss playing Canasta and Bunko with the ladies and spending time with my parents but I am really excited to get on the road again.  I can't wait for new adventures and meeting new people.

My boys have been quite attached to me lately.  Randall is in my parents spare bedroom all day cause my mom doesn't like cats but as soon as I go to bed he is attached to my side.  Poco and Nube have to touch me all day long... lately sitting on the couch Nube has been laying right on top of Poco... not sure why.  Guess he wants to get closer to me.  hehe

Nube stayed right on top of Poco until I moved. 

and another day of Nube laying on top of Poco

so odd but you gotta love them. :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Drive thru liquor store

Today my parents took me to, what they call, the Baptist Liquor Store in town.  

It is a huge building that you drive thru one end and you can either park inside or there is even a drive thru window.  I guess the theory behind this is so these religious people won't get caught buying alcohol.  It is quite entertaining to me.

This is inside the big building and the drive thru windows.  We went in to the store part and didn't use the drive thru.  

Another view of the inside.

It is quite the large building so you could fit a good number of cars in there.  To me this would be great if the weather was crappy... you wouldn't have to get wet or walk in the snow to get your liquor.  This would also be a good idea for all those nudie bars or any other unsightly buildings. hehe... I had never seen anything quite like this but I guess this was a dry county for quite some time so having a liquor store would be a big deal.  I will have to go again to get me some moonshine before I go.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Getting Ready

I have a little over a week before I hit the road again.  Gotta get some things done!!!

I have a few things I need to crochet before I hit the road again and some odd and end work to do.  I also have to finish organizing my things and get the trailer ready for travels.  Going to work hard this weekend to get all of the organizing and packing done so I can work all week on the other items I need to finish.

Last night my dad made a nice bracket for my trailer connector on Blue.  

Looks really good.

I have been working odd and end jobs for people my parents know so that has been great to have a bit of an income... now to find something for a bit of income in NM for the 6 weeks I am there.

Can't wait to get back on the road.  Winter has hit and the temperatures are cooling down a bit but I think it will still be good riding weather.  Well hopefully it won't be worse than the edge of Sandy I hit on my way to Kentucky. :)  Knock on wood.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Are Santa's Elves

Poco, Nube and I tried to take some holiday pictures... not all that successful but fun.  I didn't have Randall outside so I will have to try it with all of us at a later date.

When I have the time and motivation I try to get a holiday family picture.  With 2 dogs and a cat it can be quite the challenge.

Here is one of the first ones with Poco and Nube.  Probably 2007 or earlier.

This next one is probably the only time I have somewhat successfully got all of us together.  I believe this was 2009.

The above pictures I took all by myself.  Luckily my camera has a remote for the last picture and I really didn't think we were going to be able to do it... hence the bad outfit on my part.  But a lot of running around and playing wore them out enough to take the picture.

This year I wanted our new home in the picture... so here are a few of the pictures.  I didn't have to take these pictures my mom and dad helped out.  Quite entertaining.

I hope to try some more pictures at a later date.  My goal is to get all of us and our home... it is quite the goal but there has got to be a way. ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

We all made it thru the night

We accomplished our first night together in our new home.  My boys were nice and comfortable... Poco decided to fall asleep right in the middle of the bed and would not move... Nube and Randall decided to sleep where my feet would go so I ended up sleeping sideways.  hehe... I am happy that they behaved and seemed to be happy.  Quite fun!

I had to go get something from inside my parents house and when I came back out Randall was waiting for me.

Then Poco decided to join.

We have a few more warm days coming up here in KY so we are going to stay outside... even if there is a bit of rain.  Getting ready to hit the road.

I am quite lucky my boys tolerate what I put them thru. hehe... that is true love. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sleeping In Our Home

Today I set up all of our new home.  I had some visitors that wanted to see what it all looked like and the weather is warm here in Kentucky so I set everything up... including the bathroom.  Tonight my boys and I are staying outside.  It is so spacious and I think everyone likes it... including my cat Randall.  Tomorrow we will have to see how he deals with all the screens in the tent open.  Tonight they are all drawn so he can get use to the space.   Poco and Nube are already asleep in the trailer.  Their favorite spot is under the cupboards where my feet go.  Hopefully we will have a restful night with no weird Randall moves.  He is really the only one I worry about.

Pictures to come during the daylight but here is a dark picture of Randall in our living room.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decorating for the holidays

I have been helping my mom decorate around their house.  The weather has been really great here in KY.  We only had about 1 maybe 2 days with gloom or a little bit of rain.

A picture one morning of thick fog.  By lunch time it was gone and sunny and warm.
Here are some pictures of my parents yard and a bit of decorating.

The ugly fish mailbox

The sign in their yard. 

Me of course.

Some creepy santa and wife... my mom wanted santa on the left and the wife on the right but I said Mrs. Clause should be first. ;)

She has plants on this driftwood during the summer so we gave it a bit of garland... and we put some of that one some random tree stump in the yard but I forgot to take a picture. 

The retro wreath she has had since the 70s and a wooden santa at the door.

I finally got my solar lights out and decorated a bit myself.  I always have christmas light on Blue (my motorcycle) so I had to find a way to put them on my house.  So with suction cup hooks I put up lights outside my house.

It seemed to work ok... sometimes the suction cups fall off but for the most part the lights stay on.  It isn't something you can pull the trailer with which is kind of a bummer... might have to find a way to do that. :)

My parents and I were trying to get a Christmas picture of me, Poco and Nube but it hasn't worked out quite yet but you can see the lights on the back of Blue and Poco and Nube inside the trailer... they are dressed as elves. hehe

The other night when my parents and i got home from dinner this is what we saw.  The moon was bright and beautiful and you can see it reflect off the trailer plus the lights just look cool. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raising Some Gas Money

Trying to figure out ways to raise money for my BlueRoad Project.  I don't really have the resources or backing for a crowd sourcing fundraising... well, not yet.  So I am selling my crochet hats... on sale now thru December 1 and also my CD Journey To Worthy (now thru December 15), which is a CD full of folk songs I wrote during my recovery of an Eating Disorder.  So please check them out with the links below.

Now thru November 1 all pre-made hats are $10 and $2 S&H.  You can view all hats available on Neldee Facebook Page.    Feel free to comment on the hat you like or email me at  I also do custom orders from hats, bags, wristers, scarvers and whatever you can think of.  Email me with what you are looking for and we can discuss.  

Only 1 hat of each is available.  S&H is for continental US... all other places will have an extra fee.  Payment is thru paypal where you can use your account or a credit card.

My CD, Journey To Worthy is available in CD or on itunes.  You can purchase thru my Journey To Worthy Website.  Journey To Worthy is a CD and website of my journey thru an Eating Disorder, Depression and Self Injury.  I have done speaking engagements at schools, conference and community events along with interviews for papers, magazines and documentaries.  You can also search thru there and see me with hair... hehe...

I still have lots to do before I head out on the road again in like 2 weeks.... YIKES!  Guess I better get working!!!

I found out yesterday my adventure will be taking me to New Mexico for 6 weeks.... I so can't wait!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Day

Sorry I have been such a slacker on posting... It sure isn't from lack of things to post about... Just pure laziness I guess. :)

It was quite nice spending Thanksgiving with my parents. I haven't spent a holiday with them in over 5 years and probably 10 plus years since being with them on Turkey Day. I thoroughly enjoyed the food which is probably a first with my parents since my eating disorder. My favorite part of the meal is the chocolate pie... Not pumpkin. Not a big fan of anything pumpkin. Just a simple dream whip chocolate pie and I am in heaven. The turkey and sides were quite fabulous to.

The weather was great and the afternoon was spent putting up Xmas decorations... Will have pictures in next post. My parents 2 trees in the front yard finally began to change and drop their leaves and they were beautiful.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season thus far.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I had to go into town to get my drivers license and plates for Blue.  First went to sherif to get Blue inspected but of course they couldn't do it without the title which Harley Davidson has.  So I couldn't get plates without the vin number from the title... seriously???  I have lived in many states and never had to have a temporary plate and one for what will most likely be 2 weeks.  Ridiculous!  The vin number is on my registration from NY and my insurance card... what more could you possible need... well in KY the title.

Then I went to get my drivers license changed over and the computers were down... but of course went down when all I needed to do was take a picture... so I had to wait until the next day to get that done.

So looks like I will be here in KY for another 7-15 days... or longer. :/  Not happy KY or Harley Davidson.. you would think by now people would find a more efficient way to do this stuff.  Guess not.

But on a good note that give me time to procrastinate some more.  hehe... I have a ton of work to do along with organizing and packing so this wait will go quickly.  I need motivation.  Can't wait to get back on the road!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Testing things out

Today I had the chance to set up the tent I finally got with all the parts.  It is quite nice but kind of frustrated with the suction cups that attach the tent to the trailer.  Every time a breeze gets in between the tent and trailer the suction cups fall off ... but I think my dad came up with a solution... at least one that will help with the boys getting in and out of the trailer.

Here is where the tent connects with suction cups... no matter how I put them on there after a small breeze or any movement of the tent the suction cups would fall off.  My dad gave me a long rug to lay across the bottom of the doorway so the boys won't slip thru to the outside... hopefully that will put less pressure on the suction cups and the ones on the sides and top will actually stay connected... only time will tell.

I also got to charge up the battery with the solar panel today.

The 2 poles leaning on the trailer weren't put into the ground... we were just checking out different ways to use the poles. There is also 1 longer pole but we have no idea what that is used for... and of course there is very minimal instructions... guess you are just suppose to know. 

The sun was bright today and hard to take a picture from the front.  The three walls not connected to the trailer are a screen... so it will be great to see everything while inside the tent.  Can't wait to see the view everywhere we go.

I had to bring in my chair and get a feel for the tent.  I think it will be quite great for me and my boys.

Now I have to figure out what I need to bring with me and the way to store and pack everything.  My mom and I found some bins that fit really well in the trailer to keep things organized... now I need to figure out what I am organizing... fun fun :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Funky Monkey

Yesterday my mom, her friend and I went to the Funky Monkey in Benton, KY.  It is a place where you paint pottery than they fire it up in a kiln for you.  I chose a dopey looking gnome... I figured he would be good to sit outside my trailer when we stop.  Now I have to give him/her a good name.  Let me know any suggestions. :)

 Front view... I picked out some of the brightest colors.

 Side view... I hope I put on enough layers of paint... they said at least 3 layers.

 Back View... the colors will really look nothing like what you see here once it is fired in the kiln. 

Other Side View... I will get it back hopefully the end of next week.... can't wait to see!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What a day...

My mom and I went on a bit of an adventure yesterday.  Well... it wasn't meant to be that kind of adventures.

We went to Clarksville to get a few things and boy did we get lost.  I had never been there before so I couldn't be of much help... and my mom could not remember where this one store was located.  It took hours of driving and calls to my dad before we finally found it.   All we wanted was one thing off of their weekly flyer.  Of course on the flyer there was no address and the GPS doesn't work so well unless you have an address.  Not sure how that works for the store... you would think if they mail it out to people you would want them to know where you are located so they can buy things from your store... but maybe I am wrong on that one.  haha

Luckily we could remember our home address so the GPS could help us get back home.

It was quite entertaining and it occupied our entire day... what is life without a little bit of an adventures... or misadventure.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bunko Loser

I played bunko with my mom and friends yesterday.  I have to say it is not my favorite game... it was like speed dating.  There wasn't really enough time to talk to anyone and you were too busy rolling dice and figuring out what was happening and where to move to next to enjoy the atmosphere of being with other people.  I wasn't very good at the game either... but you can't really be 'good' at a dice game... it is all luck and I didn't have any.  Another lady and I tied for the most games lost so we both got $2.  I guess to make us feel better about being Bunko Losers. hehe... but it was a good day.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day ride

My parents and I went for a day ride to meet up with some of their friends in Tennessee.  We had a great ride and a great lunch at 5 Chefs in Portland, TN.  I will have some video later but here are a couple pics of my parents and my ride back to Kentucky.

My dad and mom... their Harley is the same color as Blue but they have an Ultra so it also has black accents of sorts.

That is my parents... the camera was on my helmet so they are in all the pictures. :)

The trees here are about half empty and half with colored leaves.

On the way home I used my GoPro on the photo setting so it took a photo every 2 seconds.

The bare trees

A few curves

Up a hill

My mom likes to take pictures of old barns on their rides so I thought it was fitting I caught them riding past an old barn.

I like how sometimes the camera makes the picture a bit funky...

especially when it takes a picture while you are moving your head to see something

Videos to come this week!!