Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sleeping In Our Home

Today I set up all of our new home.  I had some visitors that wanted to see what it all looked like and the weather is warm here in Kentucky so I set everything up... including the bathroom.  Tonight my boys and I are staying outside.  It is so spacious and I think everyone likes it... including my cat Randall.  Tomorrow we will have to see how he deals with all the screens in the tent open.  Tonight they are all drawn so he can get use to the space.   Poco and Nube are already asleep in the trailer.  Their favorite spot is under the cupboards where my feet go.  Hopefully we will have a restful night with no weird Randall moves.  He is really the only one I worry about.

Pictures to come during the daylight but here is a dark picture of Randall in our living room.

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