Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decorating for the holidays

I have been helping my mom decorate around their house.  The weather has been really great here in KY.  We only had about 1 maybe 2 days with gloom or a little bit of rain.

A picture one morning of thick fog.  By lunch time it was gone and sunny and warm.
Here are some pictures of my parents yard and a bit of decorating.

The ugly fish mailbox

The sign in their yard. 

Me of course.

Some creepy santa and wife... my mom wanted santa on the left and the wife on the right but I said Mrs. Clause should be first. ;)

She has plants on this driftwood during the summer so we gave it a bit of garland... and we put some of that one some random tree stump in the yard but I forgot to take a picture. 

The retro wreath she has had since the 70s and a wooden santa at the door.

I finally got my solar lights out and decorated a bit myself.  I always have christmas light on Blue (my motorcycle) so I had to find a way to put them on my house.  So with suction cup hooks I put up lights outside my house.

It seemed to work ok... sometimes the suction cups fall off but for the most part the lights stay on.  It isn't something you can pull the trailer with which is kind of a bummer... might have to find a way to do that. :)

My parents and I were trying to get a Christmas picture of me, Poco and Nube but it hasn't worked out quite yet but you can see the lights on the back of Blue and Poco and Nube inside the trailer... they are dressed as elves. hehe

The other night when my parents and i got home from dinner this is what we saw.  The moon was bright and beautiful and you can see it reflect off the trailer plus the lights just look cool. :)


  1. Love the one with the pups and lights! I emailed you at Wondering if you received it? barb holloway