Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

Every night this week I have been woken up by the moon in my eyes.  It has been beautiful.  The first night I thought there was a street light on that I didn't know we had but it was the moon.  It shined off Blue so beautifully.  I hope you all enjoy the full moon tonight.  Maybe I will do some howling and dancing under the starts. :D

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunday Market

I have had a good time singing at the Farmer's Market in Washingtonville in between customers. It is a slow market so lots of time to play. Stop by if you are in the area. If you live near Wahingtonville NY buy local and support the local vendors.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wade in the Water

Today I feel accomplished.  We have a stream that runs thru the property and the only running water we have on all of the property.  The first day I was here I tried to go to the stream to see how I was going to get water.  I didn't really make it.  I got to the rocks of the stream but not to any water before I fell flat on my side and got a HUGE bruise.

The bruise ended up being larger than softball size on the top of my thigh.  Well to say the least I didn't go back to that stream and just bought a jug of water from the dollar store every day.  I would bathe with one jug of water in the middle of the night in our yard right outside my shack.  Then the nights got a little cold so I started using those bathing wipes you find next to the adult diapers.  I was clean but never felt all that clean.

Today I made it to the stream.  Not only did I fill up 2 jugs of water but I bathed in the running water.  It wasn't deep but enough trickled down to fill up the jugs quite nicely and boy did it feel good to bathe with running water.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Backwoods Duo Pictures

Here are some pictures of us at The Stone on Friday.  We had a lot of fun.  We were just a duo this time but next time will be the full trio.

Our setup... just a bunch of stuff from around the house and the yard... including sticks I picked up from the ground for drum sticks.

 Having a good time singing and playing

MaryKate Burnell and Jaclyn Heyen

Also some videos.  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Now that I have ordered my trailer I need to start figuring out what I absolutely need to bring with me and what is just extra weight.

For me I need at least my laptop and my travel guitar... hehe... That is for survival.  And of course my crochet hooks and scissors.  (can get yarn as I go)

I need to figure out what cooking utensils are absolutely necessary.
1 pot (something that can both hold water and fry an egg)
1 burner
some sort of big spoon or something to stir/flip with
1 plate (preferably something that can be used as a plate or a bowl)
I'm not too big on using glasses but maybe one of those steel water bottles

I will definitely have a privacy tent
with a hiking toilet
solar shower
and basic toiletries

food for my boys and myself
clothes for me
bedding that will be set in the trailer
first aid kit
hiking water filter

that is about all I can take. hehe

I may splurge on the Wonder Wash... unless I can find a washing board.  I hate laundromats and like clean clothes. haha

Any other suggestions?

and I guess it is just like any trip... if I forget something I can get it on the road.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Spaghetti Anyone?

The other night I cooked some spaghetti with my new to me camping burner.  I always eat a little weird so I just cooked spaghetti noodles and some hot dogs another vendor gives me... they have jalapenos and cheese in the middle.

My friend Lisa gave me the burner and a few tips on cooking... hopefully more tips to come.  I don't really cook so it is all a new experience for me.

Thanks Lisa!!

                                                        Picture of pot on propane burner.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

6 Weeks!!

I am sooo excited!!  I ordered my Little Guy Rascal Trailer today!!  I can't believe I actually ordered my new home!!  This has been close to 5 years in the making and it is finally happening!!!!

I asked if they had one of those trackers like when you order online at Dominos.  They don't, but will figure something out for me so I can see the progress of my new home.  I will keep you updated!  They said it will be 6 weeks.  (insert happy dance)

Singing at the Market

Sunday, working at the farmer's market, I decided to bring my backpack guitar for entertainment.  It is normally a pretty slow market and us vendors get a little board.  Not only did my singing and playing entertain us, it actually brought customers to my stand and kept people at the market longer.  So I guess I have a new gig on Sundays along with selling bread.   I will be singing at the Washingtonville, NY Farmer's Market.  Stop by, have a listen, buy some good stuff and enjoy being outside.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Backwoods Trio of Rosendale

The 2 ladies I live with on the property: Merlynda Sol, Mary Kate Burnell and myself have created the Backwoods Trio of Rosendale.   We play whatever we can find and sing out at the campfire.,,  I thought it fitting to bring our group during my time slot at The Stone this Friday (8/24) at 8pm.  So come by and have a listen.

Admission $10

Located on the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street, NYC

We hope to see you there!!

Pay it Forward

The last 2 days have been quite interesting.  Just when you think man kind is the worse creature on the face of the earth someone comes about to help get back the faith.

Friday night I went to the gas station to get some beer for dinner with a friend.  The debit/credit card was not working so I thought I would just go to the next gas station down the road.  A nice guy not only paid for my beer but for the person's stuff in front of me.  As he payed he just said 'pay it forward'

Then Saturday at the farmer's market a woman was having a hard time remembering where she put her money to purchase some bread from me.  The woman's friend said she had memory problems.  The woman was searching for over 5 minutes and was getting really frustrated when another woman came to my stand and bought some bread and payed for this woman's bread also.  I told the woman who couldn't find her money that she was set to go.  She couldn't get over that someone she didn't know would buy her bread.

It does seem like good people are few and far between but they are out there.  To me it is important to try to be one of those people few and far between... it sure can be a challenge but I do my best.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lions, Tigers, Bears... and Man Eating Cats???

I found out this week we have many types of critters on the property.  They found a family of Raccoons inside the main house.  One of the ladies who lives on the property had a face to face with one Raccoon.  I think I will be ok without ever meeting this Raccoon family. :/

I also found out we have a bear... now this I would like to see... from a distance... not too close.  I guess you can smell the bear when it is around.  I had no idea bears had bad BO.  Learn something new every day.

Last but not least I found out we have Man Eating Cats around the neighborhood.  The story is the person who lived in the house down the street from ours died in his house and when someone finally found him his over 40 cats ate him.  I sure hope Randall doesn't get any ideas.

So I have a lot to be on the lookout for... Raccoons, Bears and Man Eating Cats.  Makes me think twice before wandering around in the middle of the night.  I was a bit scared coming home late the other night with no lights and no flashlight.  One saving grace was some solar LED christmas lights I put up earlier in the day on the outside of my little shack so I would be able to find it in the dark.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Friend for Randall

Earlier this week Randall met Arthur... another cat on the property.  Randall kept meowing out the window and I couldn't figure out who he was talking to... and when I looked out the window this is what I saw.

Randall stared at him from the window for quite some time... and Arthur stared right back.  I don't think I have ever seen Randall's tail swing so much.  It was too cute.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let There Be Light

What is this picture you wonder...  that is the amazing Central Hudson man up the electric pole getting our electricity going in the main house on Wednesday night.  We were very excited.  I still don't have electricity in my little shack but hopefully that will be figured out this week.  One of the ladies that lives on the property with me was there that night and we were very excited and was in awe of our one light.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Bald and Beautiful

This morning as I was shaving my head outside my little shack I started to think about what my shaved head means to me.

When people ask I always give a basic answer... not too deep.  I tell them because I wear a helmet every day and it is much easier than dealing with sweaty yucky hair.  Or I tell them I have known many women who have lost their hair from cancer and I wanted to know what it was like to be bald.  I do believe in both of the above but there is something much deeper for me.

If I don't shave my head for a day I feel very sluggish and not too sure of myself.  I begin to feel disgusted with myself.  As soon as I shave I feel energized and like me again.  Part of it may be I don't want to stop doing something because society tells me I should:  Women shouldn't be bald.  Being bald has something to do with your health, mental health or your sexuality.  I am somehow less feminine because I am bald.  (yes, I get called sir constantly) I couldn't imagine what it would feel like for someone who lost their hair not by choice and then have to deal with stigmas like those.  I still don't understand why it is acceptable for a man to be bald but not a woman... or how being bald is not professional.  You can't imagine the looks I get when I go into a job interview bald.  They are usually polite but you can tell by the eyes popping out I will not get the job... not because I am not qualified but because I am bald.  Not sure how being bald impedes my ability to do the job...

It is just hair!!!

I read an article on yahoo how a woman avoided the mirror to help gain self confidence.  I can't say I avoid mirrors but I have no use for them.  I can see if what I wear matches without a mirror... but to be honest I could care less.  I don't have to do my hair just shave it off which doesn't take a mirror.  I don't wear makeup and I know where my teeth are so what is the point of a mirror?  I'm sure if something was on my face I would either feel it or someone would just tell me.  And if not, again, who cares... it isn't the end of the world.

I shave my head to empower myself.  To realize I can do anything, I am strong, I am beautiful.  I shave my head to have a moment of reflection.  I shave my head to tear away from societies view on what is beautiful.  I shave my head to go deeper... to not hide behind beauty but to be upfront with beauty.  To become closer with the knowledge that we are all beautiful and not to have that as just a cliche people say.  We need to take back beautiful.

Shaving my head is my favorite part of my grooming routine.  I am enjoying shaving my head outside.  I sit right outside of my little shack on my chair... I have a bowl of water and shaving cream.  I relax and shave my head for the world to see.

                                   A picture of me a year ago when being bald was still new.
                                     I have been bald for over 13 months and still LOVE it!

(I will try to remember to take a picture of shaving my head in front of my shack this weekend to share)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saving the Money

One of my biggest challenges for this to happen was to be able to save enough money to purchase the trailer I want and to also get this trip started.  I picked up a seasonal job going to farmer's markets selling breads for a local bread company.  It has been quite enjoyable.  I am not a winter person... I really become completely sedate over the winter so it is wonderful to be outside all weekend long.  I have met some really nice people and I love to people watch... so many interesting things to see.  For instance the amount of different strollers and they all look like they were made by NASA.  I love to listen to the different languages being spoken and the conversations going on around the market.

                                                       Picture of the Farmer's Market

In November 2011 I started crocheting like a mad woman.  That has brought in some extra income.  I can't seem to sell anything on my Etsy shop but I have friends that ask for specific items and I love to create these items for them.  I call my crochet business Neldee... it is a combination of my grandmothers' names.  Nelda and Delores.  You can check out my crochet creations at

Below is an outfit I made for myself... I crocheted everything but the pants, boots and glasses.


April 2011, I decided to start saving money by not having a cell phone.  That is really the only item that I paid for once a month that is really not necessary.  I don't have internet or cable TV so the cell phone seemed to fit into the category of unnecessary purchase.  So I cancelled my $90+ a month cell phone and got a pay as you go phone instead.  I saved over $1000 in 1 year.  I spent around $150 for the entire year and that included buying a phone.

My most recent adventure to save money was to find, what I call, transitional housing.  hehe... I moved from a 1 bedroom apartment from hell to pretty much a shack.  I save over $600 a month.  It is also the perfect place to transition my boys from an apartment to a trailer.  I have lived here for 2 weeks now.  We don't have electricity or running water at the moment but the electricity will hopefully be up and going within the week.  I have to say I have kind of enjoyed not having water or electricity.  It makes me get out more.  I go out to eat or go to the library to charge my computer.   I am outside a lot with my boys so all in all it has been pretty good.  I'm still not a huge fan of peeing in the woods but I do love showering in the wide open... in the middle of the night of course.  I have some great women here who live on the property and we get along great.  Last night we had dinner by camp fire and had a great time talking and playing music.  What more could you ask for?

                                                       Picture of front and side of shack

I am still looking for some odd and end jobs for extra income.  The more I can save the better.  So if you know of anything or need any audio/video editing or crochet items let me know. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Put all your eggs in one basket

I don't know who came up with the saying 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'  but that person must of never had a basket they really desired.

One thing I can say about myself is I make my dreams come true.  I don't know how but they happen.   No matter how odd or how far off they seem they eventually become a reality.  Not to say I can create these things quickly or easily... they take hard work and years of dedication and pursuing.

I'm not sure where the drive comes from or why I think anything is possible... I believe there is a way around anything.  I don't listen to people who say they can't or that something is not possible... I listen to people that say let's figure it out or there has got to be a way.  I have to say that probably came from being with my nutritionist for years.  She always tells me there is no such thing as can't and I guess years of her telling me to reword my comments so can't is not in there made me realize there really is no such thing as can't.  During the years of treatment for my recovery from an Eating Disorder I was surrounded by people who told me I can, who encouraged me to follow my dreams, who accepted my ideas and who I was no matter how weird my ideas sounded.  I guess when you surround yourself in that sort of atmosphere for 10 years it just becomes your way of life.  At this point in my life I really can't see life any other way.

Keys for me to make my goals happen:

- Dream: I dream about my goals... not only in my sleep but day dream about them.  I imagine everything from how to make it happen to what it would be like when it happens.

I keep dreaming about the goal until it seems real... then I know I am ready to make it happen.

- Research:  Research is important to know everything you can about the goal you are trying to reach.  Are there different ways of reaching the goal?  Are there other people who are pursuing or have reached the goal you are trying to obtain?  What resources are needed or are out there to reach this goal?

- Make a plan:  Most of my goals have a financial block which I have to think around.  I don't have a lot of money or make a lot of money and unfortunately everything seems to take money.  So I have to decide what type of sacrifices I am willing to make and how I can earn extra income.  Then I also think of any hurdles that may come up and how I will handle these situations... this helps me reduce the stress... if I know things will come up that could delay my goal I won't be as upset as I would be if I didn't plan.  I think about things and people I will need to help create this goal.  Is this something I can do by myself or will I need help of someone else?  Are there things I will need to create or purchase to make this goal realistic?

**Set realistic steps:  this not only makes the task of reaching your goal more obtainable but it helps you feel like you are accomplishing something towards your goal... especially important if your goal is far off.

- Set a date:  once I have dreamt about the goal, can see it from start to finish and created a plan I set a realistic date as to when it will happen.  This usually happens when I can see reaching the goal within a year.

- Live your Goal:  This is where 'put all your eggs in one basket' comes into play.  Once I have set a date and have an idea as to how to make it happen I live that goal.  Not that I don't do my every day what have yous... but while doing these every day things  I think about them in terms of how it will help me reach my goal.  There are many things in life that can take you away from your goal but it is all in the way you think about it.  Instead of saying your job is keeping you from your goal you can start to think about how you can use your job to help reach your goal.  If you have a family and it seems like there is always something that comes up, use that something that comes up to reach your goal instead of postponing your goal.  How can you make it work for you?

It may seem a bit daring or dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket but if it is something that you desire more than anything then it is totally worth the challenge.  You and your goal are worth putting all your eggs in one basket.  Anything is possible and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

New Adventure

The last few months I have been talking about my 'New Adventure' without ever really explaining what that new adventure will be.  This is something I have been dreaming and thinking about for years and I am sooo excited to actually see this come true.  In January 2012 I made it my goal for the year to  make this dream come true.... and it is actually happening!!!

My goal is by November 1 to live out of a small trailer I can pull with my motorcycle and travel around North America seeing new sights, meeting new people and searching deeper within myself.  And don't forget I am bringing my boys with me... 2 dogs and a cat.  (Poco, Nube and Randall) I plan to do a weekly video series of my travels and keep up with this blog... hopefully better than I have been. : /

I have a channel called BlueRoad on Vimeo where you will be able to watch my adventures.  I also have a channel on Ustream for live streams I may have along the way.

I am also creating different ways for schools and organizations to be involved... these are still in the making but some of my ideas are:

- creating a way for classrooms/organizations to follow my adventures... with the ability to follow my adventures on an atlas or large map.  These will be in levels to be age appropriate.  My goal is to find a way for everyone to follow from preschool to adults.

- skype presentations to classrooms/organizations during the year to discuss my travels and answer any questions.

- in person multi-media presentations to schools and organizations about my travels/experiences.

- 1 to 2 week residencies in communities around North America where I will create a video and/or installation about my time in the community.

I am so excited to be making another one of my goals a reality.  I can't wait to bring you along on this new adventure. :)

BlueRoad: Dear Pastor

This is the second piece in the BlueRoad series.  It was premiered at the 16th Annual Dream Festival Marathon at Stella May in Kingston, NY.