Monday, August 27, 2012

Wade in the Water

Today I feel accomplished.  We have a stream that runs thru the property and the only running water we have on all of the property.  The first day I was here I tried to go to the stream to see how I was going to get water.  I didn't really make it.  I got to the rocks of the stream but not to any water before I fell flat on my side and got a HUGE bruise.

The bruise ended up being larger than softball size on the top of my thigh.  Well to say the least I didn't go back to that stream and just bought a jug of water from the dollar store every day.  I would bathe with one jug of water in the middle of the night in our yard right outside my shack.  Then the nights got a little cold so I started using those bathing wipes you find next to the adult diapers.  I was clean but never felt all that clean.

Today I made it to the stream.  Not only did I fill up 2 jugs of water but I bathed in the running water.  It wasn't deep but enough trickled down to fill up the jugs quite nicely and boy did it feel good to bathe with running water.

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  1. Then I would say CONGRATULATIONS is in order!!! Hope your bruise has healed!!! Love YOU!