Saturday, August 25, 2012


Now that I have ordered my trailer I need to start figuring out what I absolutely need to bring with me and what is just extra weight.

For me I need at least my laptop and my travel guitar... hehe... That is for survival.  And of course my crochet hooks and scissors.  (can get yarn as I go)

I need to figure out what cooking utensils are absolutely necessary.
1 pot (something that can both hold water and fry an egg)
1 burner
some sort of big spoon or something to stir/flip with
1 plate (preferably something that can be used as a plate or a bowl)
I'm not too big on using glasses but maybe one of those steel water bottles

I will definitely have a privacy tent
with a hiking toilet
solar shower
and basic toiletries

food for my boys and myself
clothes for me
bedding that will be set in the trailer
first aid kit
hiking water filter

that is about all I can take. hehe

I may splurge on the Wonder Wash... unless I can find a washing board.  I hate laundromats and like clean clothes. haha

Any other suggestions?

and I guess it is just like any trip... if I forget something I can get it on the road.