Monday, August 20, 2012

Lions, Tigers, Bears... and Man Eating Cats???

I found out this week we have many types of critters on the property.  They found a family of Raccoons inside the main house.  One of the ladies who lives on the property had a face to face with one Raccoon.  I think I will be ok without ever meeting this Raccoon family. :/

I also found out we have a bear... now this I would like to see... from a distance... not too close.  I guess you can smell the bear when it is around.  I had no idea bears had bad BO.  Learn something new every day.

Last but not least I found out we have Man Eating Cats around the neighborhood.  The story is the person who lived in the house down the street from ours died in his house and when someone finally found him his over 40 cats ate him.  I sure hope Randall doesn't get any ideas.

So I have a lot to be on the lookout for... Raccoons, Bears and Man Eating Cats.  Makes me think twice before wandering around in the middle of the night.  I was a bit scared coming home late the other night with no lights and no flashlight.  One saving grace was some solar LED christmas lights I put up earlier in the day on the outside of my little shack so I would be able to find it in the dark.

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