Friday, May 29, 2015

My Daily Wander

More wandering thru Virginia City, Montana.  More photos of nothing special but keep me entertained. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Manic Jackie

Quite surprised by my recent manic episode... hoping it won't last long but luckily it is a productive one.

I knew I was a bit depressed when I had to set an alarm to get up on a working day.  I usually wake up without an alarm around 6/6:30 in the morning and on the days I work I have to set an alarm for 9am and I wake up with the alarm.  I have also been going to sleep when I have to work the next day around 8pm.  So that is about 4 to 5 more hours of sleep on working nights.  Thought all was good when I got up at my regular 6am on my day off but as the day progressed I knew it was going drastically the opposite direction I have been going.

I've been good at keeping myself occupied every day.  I haven't had a nap in weeks.  I take walks every day, go to the library every day during the week and text friends throughout the day... I've also been really good at 3 meals a day.

I am missing my boys a lot lately.  I think because this isn't a new place and I don't have anyone around except when I'm at the library or at work.  I don't feel lonely but a bit restless even when I find things to occupy the day.

So, as the day progressed and I realized I couldn't stop moving I knew things were changing.  I went from the library, went for a walk, rode to the next town for lunch, came back home and took another walk all before early afternoon.  I wanted to go to the town in the other direction for groceries but told myself I needed to stop for a bit hoping it would put a stop to it before it got worse.

Nope, I ended up being up all night with a million creative projects going thru my head.  I couldn't even get one stream of thought to finish a thought.  I ended up editing pictures, updating my CV, singing with my ipod and finally just got out my guitar.  I did do a video or two of me singing and playing the guitar but I can't post while manic because I never quite know what it really looks or sounds like.

I'm trying to be very aware as to what I'm doing and where I am... I have the tendency to go for walks and not realize how far I've walked until I am 10 or so miles away.  I don't really have anyone to call to pick me up when I realize how long I have been out so if you see me wandering down a highway in the middle of nowhere and Blue and TicTac aren't in sight be sure to stop and give me some water.  (funny... but true)

So far my skin isn't crawling so it is tolerable but that may come when I have to work tomorrow and be around people and have people in my personal bubble.  Hoping all is manageable.  I usually make it thru the day and then when I get home I have a melt down.

I can't remember the last time I had a manic episode... sometimes it is hard to tell especially if I do multiple days of 500 miles but I'm pretty sure I haven't had one while sitting in one place since being on the road.  Good time to learn to deal with a manic episode differently from past experiences.

Here is hoping for the best... that I get lots of things done and it goes away without any real issues. (Also hoping this post makes sense)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First weekend down

Finished up my first weekend of work.  Not terribly exciting but not horrible.  I'm not a fan of working with the public.  That's why I enjoy virtual work... Unless it is something I am passionate about like public speaking, music and making a difference but working at an old time photo place doesn't quite fit into any of those categories. I do have a good time with my boss.  We always have something to talk about.

I was happy not to be mooned which happens at least a few times a year.  I did have a few people who felt the need to start to change before I closed the changing room curtain stating that they weren't modest.  Not considering I am modest and don't care to see half naked people all day long and that is why we have a changing room.  Just part the job of the job. haha

Don't forget to stop by and say hi if you are in the Virginia City Montana area... just 90 miles from West Yellowstone.

That's my view from my spot waiting for customers.  I try to park Blue right where I can see her.

There was a parade on Saturday which was a nice break.

Friends of the Virginia City Library.  Best library ever!! :)
Virginia City Players put on great shows all summer long.
Virginia City has a Victorian Ball a few times a year.  Quite fun to watch the promenade before hand.
You find people in period attire around town.
A few more weeks of work... all will be good.  Then I can hit the road again.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Neighboring Cemetery

Behind where I stay is a small little cemetery.  The graves range from the late 1800s to recent.  While I was here last year someone was buried up there.  It has a really nice view and a great place to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July.  

Last year the other workamper and I went up to the cemetery to watch the fireworks on a chilly 4th of July evening and while sitting there we had this wave of heat come by.  We were not alone. :)

Anyways... here are some pictures from my wander thru there the other day.

3 tombstone, 3 foot stones
All in a row

I sure wouldn't want my body to be caged for all eternity
Not sure if this is a person or a pet.
Cool coloring

Just a rock
Someone got out!
Cool blurred picture.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Alder Montana

Once a week I like to ride over to Alder Montana to eat at Chick's.  Just a short 8 mile ride away.  I decided I want to walk there for my once a week visit once the weather gets nicer.  That would be a 16 mile walk... something to do for a day.

They have a bar, restaurant, RV park, motel, gas station, and a 1 room school house... that's about it.  You do get a good view of the surrounding mountains.

I seem to be in the picture mode these days so here are some pictures I took while in Alder.

the cows haven't gone out to their summer pasture yet.

I never noticed that this sign looks like 2 women carrying purses... a lesbian crossing. hahaha

Blue at Chick's

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yarn Game

I was cleaning out TicTac the other day and came across this ball of yarn I made from all my scarp yarn.  I decided I was going to make beanies out of it since beanies seem to be my thing this year.  I have made 30 beanies so far this year.  I sell them to help fund my travels.  $20 a beanie.  They are youth or adult sizes.

Beanies left from my 30 beanies I have made so far this year.
I decided with the ball of yarn I found I am going to create a guessing game.  Guess how many adult beanies I can make with this ball of yarn.  To play... like my FB page at and take your guess by posting your guess on this picture.

The first correct answer will get a free beanie from the beanies I make with this ball of yarn.

I really have no idea how many beanies it will make but they will all use the same pattern.

To help you with your guess I have made 2 beanies already.

This should occupy me for a few days at least and might be quite fun.  Guess away and Good Luck!