Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bad dog!

I like to go for a wander across the street and down this gravel road.  I love to see if this cute donkey is out in the field... I don't love so much this house I have to walk by with an unruly dog.  This time walking by the dog ran out and bit the back of my shoe.  The walk was quite fabulous, a bit chilly and the dog kept his distance when I had to walk by on the way back home.

Was hoping to pack up the winter gear for the year... but nope... had to get it back out for this last week.
my steel horse with some horses.... view from TicTac

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  1. i carry fox 5 point 3 and a naa mini mag .22 mag. never had to use mity mouse. 5point3 does the trick. they both work on humans, if need be. the bear stuff is even stronger. that doesn't necessarily make it better. 5.3 is easier to carry at least for me. my guess is that just about any of the pepper spray will work. i don't want to shot the dog, i just want them to leave me alone. the owners, also.

    ice cream. raz