Friday, May 22, 2015

Alder Montana

Once a week I like to ride over to Alder Montana to eat at Chick's.  Just a short 8 mile ride away.  I decided I want to walk there for my once a week visit once the weather gets nicer.  That would be a 16 mile walk... something to do for a day.

They have a bar, restaurant, RV park, motel, gas station, and a 1 room school house... that's about it.  You do get a good view of the surrounding mountains.

I seem to be in the picture mode these days so here are some pictures I took while in Alder.

the cows haven't gone out to their summer pasture yet.

I never noticed that this sign looks like 2 women carrying purses... a lesbian crossing. hahaha

Blue at Chick's

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