Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clothing Optional

Last weekend I stayed at Faywood Hot Springs just south of Silver City, NM.  I had heard from a friend of a friend that it was a fabulous place and a must see.

I called in advance and they said they had regular RV or dry camping and a clothing optional RV or dry camping.  So I wasn't surprised when I got there and the lady asked if I wanted something more private and close to the hot springs which would be in the clothing optional section... well she called it something else... like natural camping or something like that.  I didn't have a bathing suit and I hate bathing suits so I thought what the hell... you only live once so I stayed in the clothing optional section.

There were just 2 other ladies at another site in the whole dry camping, clothing optional section... and it was quite chilly to be wandering around without any clothes on so it was just like any other campsite.  So I wandered around to see if bathing in the hot springs would be something I would do.  I was really amazed at people of all shapes, ages and sizes in the nude in the hot springs.  So again... what the hell and I did it.  Except I wouldn't call myself elegant enough to be nude... I was nekked.

I was really surprised with myself that I didn't feel self conscious or anything.  It was just a dip in the hot springs.  I actually quite enjoyed myself.  The company was great... such nice people.  No one was judgmental or staring or anything your mind would tell you people would do if they were all nude together.  I felt more comfortable there nude than I have ever felt at the beach in my bathing suit.  I just kind of chuckle because I usually don't like to show much of any skin and not to happy with my body but when you let it all hang out I didn't even think about my body or any one else's body.  It was a great experience... yes funny... kind of odd... but everyone should feel that free.

I spent 2 nights and it was great to just relax.  I totally recommend the hot springs... clothing or no clothing.

Friday, February 22, 2013


I guess southern NM is not known for giving anyone space... or to not know what that means.

Yesterday I was parked in a RV/Bus spot at a gas station and taking up a good chunk of it... a beat up old car that was there the night before decided to park right behind me.  There was no room for him so I told him to move and he did.  Not quite sure why he parked there since the entire lot was empty other than the 2 of us.

Then about an hour later this extra extended pickup truck asked if he could park behind me... and still the entire lot was open for his choosing.  I said no because he wouldn't fit.  Well, his significant other pulls up in a van with a trailer right next to me and they both started calling me all sorts of cuss words... still not quite sure what the hell was going on I told them he could park on either side of me and there was no reason to park behind me.  The only reason I could think of is if they are 1. doing something illegal or 2. planning on killing me. haha... so I thought it was a good time to move to a better class of people...

I went to a Walmart parking lot down the road.  Now the Walmart was really nice... no one bothered me and they have a special spot in the parking lot for truckers and rvs.  I kind of had to laugh because when I got there the trucks were lined up one way so I just parked like them and then in the middle of the day the migration pattern changed and I had trucks all around me in all different directions.  So I moved over to the edge of the lot that had opened up.

I had been stuck in the same town for a couple days because of the storm coming thru so the next day I was in the same spot and this semi pulls right next to me... in the same parking spots.  Again with a good part of the lot empty.

This guy was really nice and asked if he needed to move.  I wasn't going anywhere and he was fixing something and was only there for a short time.  Just made me chuckle that all these people want to share my parking spot.  I guess I need to take up more space. ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You have to move

I finished up house sitting this last weekend and now I have just been doing whatever, going wherever.

The first night I had to stay in Albuquerque because I had to get the light on my trailer fixed... luckily it was a quick fix but the Flying J there I do not recommend.  I have realized I am not a huge fan of Flying J but Pilots are not so bad.   Anyway... I rode into the Flying J and it had RV parking but right next to it said No Overnight Parking... so I just went back with the truckers.

The trucker next to me was a really nice guy who is an x marine I believe.  We chatted some about my trailer and how he was concerned about me being a woman on the road.  Yes, you read it right... he knew I was a woman. hahaha...   He told me to park by the truckers because it is safer.  A lot of them are x Police, Firemen or were in the Forces... and the older truckers can be a bit creepy but there are a lot of people around to watch over everyone else.  He had a couple daughters of his own and so he said he would keep an eye on me and to just knock on his truck if I needed anything.

Now I had arrived at this Flying J before 3pm that day and all seemed to be good.  I saw security drive by in their little golf cart a few times and my trucker neighbor was around.  Then around midnight as I was fast asleep I hear a knock on my door.   That was a bit creepy so I moved my curtain a little to see who it was and it was a security guard.  I didn't say anything right away but my trucker neighbor must of heard the knock because the security guard turned around and started talking to him... so I opened the door and asked what was up.  The security guard told me I had to move because this parking was for semi only and I had to move up front.  I told the guard that I had been there all day with security driving by and no one said anything... and in the front said No Overnight Parking.  Now I have stayed at a few truck stops along the way and I have parked with the trucks when there is no where else to park and I have never been asked to move.  If they don't want me back there then they need to have parking up front for RVs and such that can stay overnight.  So my trucker friend told the guard that I had been there and it was safer for me to be where I am.  So the guard said ok she can stay and not but 30 seconds later he told me I had to move up front... that he would watch over me.  Yea right...

The guard said there were a lot of homeless around and they scrounge around looking for food and things to sell for food.  So he told me I would be better off up front... not quite sure his thinking thru any of this... but it was most likely a power thing and if that made him feel good I guess I could do my part and give a little and then complain later.  ;)   So I moved up front at midnight... in the cold and wind... sure it wasn't far but who wants to get the trailer and bike ready to ride at midnight and just to go to the front.

Oh and the security guard told me I couldn't have my bag I have on the top of my trunk of my bike.  I had to put it in the trailer with me.  Not sure why that is any of his business... it isn't like it is illegal for me to have a bag on my tour pack rack.  So I did it so he would leave me alone.  But of course in  my little trailer there was barely any room to fit myself back inside after putting the bag in there.

The rest of the night I was left alone... just like I should of been where I was parked originally.

I did send a message to Flying J about how inappropriate I thought that was.  If they didn't want me back there the least they could do is come up to me during day light hours or at least early evening since there were plenty of time in the 9 hours I was sitting back there.

So beware of the Flying J in Albuquerque.  Not the best place out there... I should of stayed at Walmart. ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Piki Bread

Last week I met someone for lunch in Madrid.  We had a great conversation about her work on the Hopi Reservation.  We also had a very yummy lunch.  I had fish tacos and we had a chocolate and red chili cake for desert which was quite yummy.

I really enjoyed learning about some of the Hopi rituals and such.  She also brought me some Piki Bread to try.

Piki Bread is made from blue corn, water and ash.  It is then smeared on a flat baking stone that is heated by fire and then pealed off in thin sheets and rolled into the picture above. (a very short version of how it is made)

It took a good day for me to gather enough courage to taste.  It has a paper like texture that kind of melts in your mouth.  For me the texture was a bit much... as we all know I have funky texture issues when it comes to food.

Anyway... Piki Bread is quite important in Hopi Traditions and it was a great experience learning and trying something new.

Here is a link that describes better than I how Piki Bread is made.

Also a very interesting video showing the process of making Piki Bread.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Little bit of Judy

I have been very excited about this Fabulous in February.  I have over twice as many people doing it with me this year and it is empowering to read everyone else's fabulous.  I feel very blessed that people are sharing... and people I don't even know.  I love how my friends invited their friends because they thought their friends should know how Fabulous they are.  It makes me happy.

Last night I had the urge to sing.  I don't sing anywhere as much as I use to.  I think being classically trained took the fun right out of it for me.  I don't take criticism well and that is all I heard... so for me the best solution is to stop singing.  It was really frustrating because I had just gotten my voice back after being silenced by an x of mine.  I use to sing all the time.. in the car with the radio and sometimes just a random children's song.  I was a nanny so I really couldn't help myself but my x hated that I would break out in song and one day he told me I couldn't do it anymore... so I stopped.

I got my voice back when I started writing songs during my recovery from an Eating Disorder.  I had a great treatment team that encouraged me to sing and play my guitar... and I did.  I sang for years at Eating Disorder Awareness events and I loved it.

Then I was far enough in my recovery to go back to college as a music major.  It was horrible.  I have a learning disability and every lesson I had with my voice teacher she would tell me I was 'certified special' because I was with Disability Services and had rights to things other students did not  Well my confidence went down the tube and finally heard it the last time and couldn't take it anymore.  I put in a complaint and was done with voice lessons and my voice teacher was fired.

Anyway so after all of that I am trying to get my voice back again.  I love to sing.... anything from country music, my own folk songs, hymns, classical music and broadway type songs.  I don't know what got into me last night... I think I channeled Judy Garland. haha... she is my most favorite.  I normally don't move at all and don't really put my heart into anything.  I was playing around on sing snap which my brother loves... he is a fabulous singer and loves to karaoke.  Me on the other hand would rather sing and play my guitar.  So here is my Judy song last night... try not to laugh too hard.

I made myself this green thing because I hate to watch  myself sing... something to work on.  

Day 5 of We Are Fabulous in February:  I wasn't afraid to share my singing today... and really enjoyed my evening of singing.  Life is good.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fabulous February

February is here again.  Last year I challenged myself and any friends who wanted to join to think of a Fabulous thing about ourself for every day of the month of February.  I did it but it sure was hard.  We live in a society where we are constantly told that we are not good enough... our bodies should be different, we should be making a certain amount of money and god forbid if you live your life differently than everyone else.  We also live in a society where it feels wrong to praise yourself... well I have known people who do on a regular basis but in a way to put down other people... instead of a way to empower themselves and even empower other people.  I do believe there is a fine line but I don't see anything wrong with saying something good about yourself everyday... and to share with others.

In my past I have done many Eating Disorder Awareness events and for whatever reason last year I was completely frustrated by the lack of empowerment of these events.  I don't know if it was the lack of looking outside the box, lack of feminism or just trying to get people there so they go with these societal things that really are the reason so many people dislike their bodies and themselves.  So for me this is a simple way of awareness of ourselves, our bodies and just how Fabulous each and every one of us are just the way we are... and who doesn't need to hear that after the battering we take in January with the New Year.

So if you would like to join the Facebook Event We Are Fabulous In February (and All the Other Days of the Year)... you can invite your friends.  You don't have to join the event because it is about you so do what you feel comfortable with but if you need some support that is what the even page is there to do.  Here is an idea of what you can do to remind yourself of how Fabulous you are.

January has got to be one of the hardest months to love yourself. All the ads of weight loss and the new you for the new year. Everyone seems to have some sort of resolution that has to deal with something physical instead of having the resolution of loving yourself just the way you are.

So the month of February is to regain your self and realizing you are Fabulous just the way you are.

We Are Fabulous in February is for Eating Disorder Awareness and for us all to realize just how Fabulous we are.

Each day for the month of February post as your Facebook status one thing you think is Fabulous about yourself.

Have your friends join in so when you get stuck you can use a life line and ask a friend for a Fabulous thing about you.

Then for the rest of the year when you have one of those days that you don't think you are so Fabulous you can look back at We Are Fabulous in February and remember 28 Fabulous things about you.

If your Facebook is connected to twitter or you are posting on twitter put #FabFeb at the end so the world can see just how Fabulous everyone is.

If you or a friend wants to participate but is not on social media they can still participate by writing their Fabulous thing about themselves and posting it on their physical wall of their room, on their fridge or mirror, or even put them in a jar so you can reach in and see how fabulous you are... whatever makes it work.

Have I used the word Fabulous too much? Maybe so... but I truly believe each one of us is an amazing person and we just don't say it enough.

You are Fabulous!!

Oh... and it is most important that you say... I am Fabulous because __________.  I noticed last year people could name what is Fabulous about themselves but they had a really hard time saying Fabulous in the same sentence as their Fabulous thing.  Quite interesting.

So what is my Fabulous for Feb. 1?

I am Fabulous because I chose to live my dream even though people don't always understand.