Friday, February 1, 2013

Fabulous February

February is here again.  Last year I challenged myself and any friends who wanted to join to think of a Fabulous thing about ourself for every day of the month of February.  I did it but it sure was hard.  We live in a society where we are constantly told that we are not good enough... our bodies should be different, we should be making a certain amount of money and god forbid if you live your life differently than everyone else.  We also live in a society where it feels wrong to praise yourself... well I have known people who do on a regular basis but in a way to put down other people... instead of a way to empower themselves and even empower other people.  I do believe there is a fine line but I don't see anything wrong with saying something good about yourself everyday... and to share with others.

In my past I have done many Eating Disorder Awareness events and for whatever reason last year I was completely frustrated by the lack of empowerment of these events.  I don't know if it was the lack of looking outside the box, lack of feminism or just trying to get people there so they go with these societal things that really are the reason so many people dislike their bodies and themselves.  So for me this is a simple way of awareness of ourselves, our bodies and just how Fabulous each and every one of us are just the way we are... and who doesn't need to hear that after the battering we take in January with the New Year.

So if you would like to join the Facebook Event We Are Fabulous In February (and All the Other Days of the Year)... you can invite your friends.  You don't have to join the event because it is about you so do what you feel comfortable with but if you need some support that is what the even page is there to do.  Here is an idea of what you can do to remind yourself of how Fabulous you are.

January has got to be one of the hardest months to love yourself. All the ads of weight loss and the new you for the new year. Everyone seems to have some sort of resolution that has to deal with something physical instead of having the resolution of loving yourself just the way you are.

So the month of February is to regain your self and realizing you are Fabulous just the way you are.

We Are Fabulous in February is for Eating Disorder Awareness and for us all to realize just how Fabulous we are.

Each day for the month of February post as your Facebook status one thing you think is Fabulous about yourself.

Have your friends join in so when you get stuck you can use a life line and ask a friend for a Fabulous thing about you.

Then for the rest of the year when you have one of those days that you don't think you are so Fabulous you can look back at We Are Fabulous in February and remember 28 Fabulous things about you.

If your Facebook is connected to twitter or you are posting on twitter put #FabFeb at the end so the world can see just how Fabulous everyone is.

If you or a friend wants to participate but is not on social media they can still participate by writing their Fabulous thing about themselves and posting it on their physical wall of their room, on their fridge or mirror, or even put them in a jar so you can reach in and see how fabulous you are... whatever makes it work.

Have I used the word Fabulous too much? Maybe so... but I truly believe each one of us is an amazing person and we just don't say it enough.

You are Fabulous!!

Oh... and it is most important that you say... I am Fabulous because __________.  I noticed last year people could name what is Fabulous about themselves but they had a really hard time saying Fabulous in the same sentence as their Fabulous thing.  Quite interesting.

So what is my Fabulous for Feb. 1?

I am Fabulous because I chose to live my dream even though people don't always understand.

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