Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clothing Optional

Last weekend I stayed at Faywood Hot Springs just south of Silver City, NM.  I had heard from a friend of a friend that it was a fabulous place and a must see.

I called in advance and they said they had regular RV or dry camping and a clothing optional RV or dry camping.  So I wasn't surprised when I got there and the lady asked if I wanted something more private and close to the hot springs which would be in the clothing optional section... well she called it something else... like natural camping or something like that.  I didn't have a bathing suit and I hate bathing suits so I thought what the hell... you only live once so I stayed in the clothing optional section.

There were just 2 other ladies at another site in the whole dry camping, clothing optional section... and it was quite chilly to be wandering around without any clothes on so it was just like any other campsite.  So I wandered around to see if bathing in the hot springs would be something I would do.  I was really amazed at people of all shapes, ages and sizes in the nude in the hot springs.  So again... what the hell and I did it.  Except I wouldn't call myself elegant enough to be nude... I was nekked.

I was really surprised with myself that I didn't feel self conscious or anything.  It was just a dip in the hot springs.  I actually quite enjoyed myself.  The company was great... such nice people.  No one was judgmental or staring or anything your mind would tell you people would do if they were all nude together.  I felt more comfortable there nude than I have ever felt at the beach in my bathing suit.  I just kind of chuckle because I usually don't like to show much of any skin and not to happy with my body but when you let it all hang out I didn't even think about my body or any one else's body.  It was a great experience... yes funny... kind of odd... but everyone should feel that free.

I spent 2 nights and it was great to just relax.  I totally recommend the hot springs... clothing or no clothing.


  1. Wonderful story..We had a similar time at a nude hot springs and my girlfriend surprised me by going fully nude with myself (male) and our 2 guy friends travelling with us as well as another man already there.4 nude guys and she was the only female and it wasn`t awkward for anyone!

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