Friday, July 31, 2015

Cycling across the country and stopping at our front door.

I was so very excited to hear my friend, Michelle, was cycling from Nashville to St Louis on her cross country cycling trip with her best friend Winter.  My parents live along the route and thought it would make a fun evening for my family and for Michelle and Winter.  My mom said she would be glad to host them for a night.  I wasn't sure if I would make it there but the stars aligned and I got there in the morning and Michelle and Winter got there that evening.

Michelle and Winter are cycling across the country to raise funds for Pathways Togo, a nonprofit working for women's education and empowerment in Togo, West Africa.  Check out their GoFundMePage.  They also have a blog about their adventure.  

When they arrived they were about to hit the 2000 mile mark of their adventure that started June 1.  Considering I would feel like death at about the 2 mile mark on a bicycle I have great admiration for these 2 women.  Anyone who has the courage to go cross country on 2 wheels of any sort has my support.

When they arrived we had a great dinner and spent the evening talking, relaxing and playing games.  Nothing better than a nice evening being together.

They headed out after the storm that went thru the next morning and they told me they didn't hit any rain that day.  Keep a look out for them and give a warm greeting to these 2 amazing women.

Of course they had to show some Yoska love. :) (Winter, Yoska, Michelle)

Makes me smile.

Safe travels! <3

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day out and about with my brother

I arrived in Kentucky to my parents house.  My brother and I decided to take a day out on hwy 68.  There was Forgotten Past with gocarts, mini golf, arcade and other things to do.  It was probably the hottest day of the summer with a heat index in triple digits.  We couldn't stop sweating but had a great time.

After some fun and major sweating we went north on 68 to see a place I have driven by a few times.  We ended up at Hill Billy Arts Garden.

My brother was a bit iffy about it but this is the kind of stuff you see on the side of the road throughout America... In all different shapes and form so it was a must stop for me.  It is by donation and you get a full guided tour with puns and all thru the art garden and to see a small portion of the toys they have collected spanning 100 years.

I had to chuckle at first because it isn't often he gets someone who lives like me... So a comment about the above van as a guest room and me saying it's bigger than my home... Or a toilet seat on a pot and I said I have a coffee can, took our guide off guard for a moment.  He made references from the area but also of roadside art from other parts of the country... Places I have seen and been.  Quite fun.

Salvation Mound

His version of Cadilac Ranch

Potty mouth


Holly rollers church and the old rugged cross

Throne hinge 

Tree of knowledge

Painting on the side of the trailer that store 80% of his toys they need to find a building for.

A small portion of the toys spanning 100 years.

There is a ton more to see so when you stop leave lots of time.  My brother and I were in a bit of a time crunch because we were meeting some friends of mine cycling across the country.  Stop by tomorrow to hear all their adventures.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Friends Galore

am one lucky woman... I have friends everywhere.  Since leaving Montana I spent 2 weeks with a friend in Keystone SD. (Anyone (Sturgis peeps) going thru that area, stop by the Keystone Convienent store and tell my bestie, Linda, hi from me).

Then I left there and spent 2 nights on the road and met up with a FB to real life friend Lisa in Wisconsin.  We had a nice relaxing few days.

I met up with a friend of mine, Bethany, from 15 years ago for lunch before leaving Wisconsin.  I was so excited to see her and give her a hug and meet her daughter Abigail.

Spending a night at a Walmart because I need to have a night or two by myself in between people or I get overwhelmed.

Now I am headed to see my very good friend from grad school in Iowa.  She lives in Austria and is in Iowa for a few weeks each summer and I have missed her every summer.  Totally excited to finally be able to see her this year.

Then I will head to my parents house for a few days and will meet up with my friend Michelle who is bicycling across the U.S. with her friend Winter.  So happy I can help them along their way.  They are raising money for Pathways.  Will tell you more about them when I meet up with them in a few days.

I have some renovation plans for TicTac while at my parents house... Quite excited.  My brother will be at my parents house which is exciting since I haven't seen him since Christmas 2012.

Then I'll be off to another friends house after that.  Haven't made it to Michigan to see my good friend Renee... Or Kansas City to see my BFF, Angie... I hope they will still love me by the time I get there. ;) Sending them much love and I know I will get to them at some point.

A life on the road doesn't have to be lonely.  Loving every moment!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A night in White River

I spent a night in White River South Dakota at the city park.  I was the only one camping.  Great spot with about 10 camping spots.  Met a nice woman coming into town who told all there was to do.  The casino, a restaurant and gas station were the places to be.  The city park was quite nice with camping, rodeo grounds, playground and a couple of ball fields.

There is vaulted toilets and a water spicket in the middle of the campground.

Yoska and I wandered around town a bit... Looking for Internet.... And seeing what was all around there.  Very peaceful.

The next morning Yoska and I had to go down the tornado slide in the park.  I use to love going down the tornado slide in a park in my hometown... It actually scared me quite a bit.  The steps up were small and steep and the pop sound the floor made at the top always made me think I was going to fall thru.  Yoska and I made it up the stairs and down the slide.  

Wasn't terribly exciting but made me smile.

Then of course I had to have Yoska pose on the dinosaur.  Haha. Such a good boy.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Caputa Alpaca

After the Badlands we took a nice drive home.  We saw a random dinosaur off the side of the road.

We passed an alpaca farm on the way to the Badlands and on our way home we had to stop and take some pictures.  While taking pictures outside the fence a lady came over and invited us in.  Glenn and Debbie run and own the farm.  We stopped and talked with them for quite a while.  They told us about their farm and we met some of their Alpacas.  They said anyone can stop by and meet them and their Alpacas.  Those of you riding in South Dakota for Sturgis or any other time I recommend stopping by.  Caputa Alpaca, about 10 miles east of Rapid City on Hwy 44.  Great stop on the way to the Badlands.

Debbie and Glenn

Be sure to tell them hi from me.  

We stopped at Walmart for a few things before heading back to Keystone and saw a most beautiful rainbow... It was like a rainbow curtain in the sky.  Picture does not do it justice.  Perfect way to end our day.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Badlands National Park

Sunday my friend and I took a drive thru Badlands National Park.  What a beautiful and relaxing day.  Here are a few pictures from our drive.

My friend got a new camera so we spent a lot of time taking pictures.

This was just part of the day.  Stop by tomorrow to learn about the drive home and the people and animals we met. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

*face palm* to the man

I stayed a couple days longer than I expected in Keystone.  There was a job opening for an assistant manager at a hotel for the rest of the season.  I applied and was told they would get back to me by that evening (Friday) knowing I was leaving if the  job didn't pan out.  Well... Here it is Monday and I never heard from them.

To me, this is disrespectful.  I waited a day to interview because they were so desperate for someone and I don't even hear back fro them.  I have zero tolerance for this game employers play.  I have better things to do.

I did enjoy my weekend with my friend... pictures to come.  I am hitting the road today heading east.  I'll need to find some odd and end work as I go.  I think the drifter life will be the way for me... Now to figure out how to make that work. 

More to come...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day Drive

Went out on a day drive with my friend this week.  We headed from Keystone over to Nemo up and over to Deadwood and back to Keystone.  We wanted to go the Spearfish Canyon but wanted to eat lunch at the Sugar Shack 20 miles south of Deadwood and when we were leaving there the dark clouds came so we headed home.

Found this great house with lots of stuff to look at off of Nemo Rd.

The guy who owns the place and builds all these cool things came out and gave us a little tour and chatted with us for a bit.

This is a small preview of the things he has and have made.

He said above was his dog.  They buried him and then some time later while he was roaming back where the dog was buried the skull had come up out of the ground so he brought him home.

I thought this sign was quite perfect... I think I need one for TicTac.  Maybe change it to below.

It was a great day.  Poor Yoska had to stay at home but he seemed to enjoy his freedom in TicTac.

Will be back on the road heading east shortly.  Keeping an eye on the weather.