Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No one in sight!

Sorry for the whacky formatting these days... my computer broke and the ipad just doesn't do it quite right.

Yoska and I are camping on my friend's land for the last week we are here in Montana.  I can't see another house or soul from where I am camped.  It's a field of sage with a little area perfect to park TicTac.  My friend pulled TicTac with his truck since there isn't much of a road just tire tracks.  I rode Blue up there thru the dirt and sage... Quite fun.

The spot is beautiful with mountains, sage, and hopefully can see some critters from a distance.  We did see some pronghorn and antelope when my friend's took me up there to see the area.  I just hope they all keep their distance... Could be some bear and snakes out here too.  Yoska is quite alert out here and it is so peaceful.

Here is a video of our surroundings... Nothing can give justice to untouched land.  Absolutely beautiful!

We got to our new site in the afternoon and once settled Yoska and I chilled.  Something seems to be wrong with my solar panel... Not sure if it is TicTac or he panel but no lights are showing up on the panel... So we have to be sparing with the fan and lights.  I'll plug TicTac in at he house the night before we hit the road in case we hit some bad heat on our travels.

The moon rising and sunset were beautiful and we got a good view of the planets together to make the only other light in the sky with the moon bright.  It was a beautiful and peaceful night.

I do have to work every day before I leave so we can have mornings and evenings out at the campsite... Which is probably best since it is so hot these days.  It's a little piece of heaven and excited for what we will see.


  1. Gorgeous!!! Jackie, you are so gutsy and so brave and inspiring! I love that you have also opened your heart to another pup. I myself am on a trip with a two week working interview at an animal sanctuary and have my pup with me. Having her here makes things so much easier. I miss my cats at home, but they will be out here with me soon enough.

    I also hope the not-so-nice critters stay away too!!

    1. Have fun on the interview! Would love to hear how it goes.

  2. How do you protect yourself from bears and wildlife or people? Ever have any safety issues?

    1. I haven't had any encounters with bear or other dangerous wildlife yet. I would probably just lock myself in TicTac and cry in the fetal position until they go away. Hahaha

      People usually leave me be. I am pretty stern and have strict boundaries and I'm not afraid to stand my ground. I also think riding a Harley gives me a bit of safety because people assume I'm a man and assume I carry a weapon. I also have many people who look out for me.