Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Picture fun with Yoska

Wandered around Keystone and took pictures of Yoska.  Quite entertaining. Haha

Yoska hanging out with his buddy Abe.

Yoska checking for Gold.  

That's pretty much how I would look going up in a helicopter even though I think it would be fun.

Yoska taking the boat out.

Yep, Yoska is a super hero... Hanging out with fellow super hero, Spiderman.

Yoska making sure all his motorcycle friends stay safe on the roads.

In case you didn't know what the Iron Mountain is all about... What I did with TicTac in tow the other day...

We are having a great time hanging out here in Keystone with our friends.  Surprisingly relaxing in such a high tourist area.

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  1. "You see – comedy, love, and a bit with a dog. That’s what they want." — Philip Henslowe, "Shakespeare in Love"