Sunday, July 5, 2015

That's my home!

Well, my peaceful place didn't last long.

I am from a small town and I know the unnecessary dramatics that go on in small towns.  People in other people's business... Making something out of nothing and how outsiders are treated different.  I have had some sort of weird thing go on each year I have been in Virginia City.  The first year I had a peeping Tom.  The second year I had a man open up TicTac while I went inside for a moment because he wanted to see inside.  This year was my limit.

TicTac may be small and an unconventional home but she is my home.  I live in there, everything I won (which isn't much) is in there, it is my safe place, the place I feel the most comfortable,  you mess with TicTac and you have invaded my home... My sacred space.

Where I was staying in the field I had to drive on a road thru another field to access where I was staying,  I got permission, obviously, from the people who own the land I was staying on,  no need for anyone else's permission... Should be end of story.  As long as when I went thru the other land I did not go off the road all is well.

The first morning when leaving the property I met this small town, small minded, nosey woman feeding the horses in the property I had to go thru.  I stop and introduce myself... Could be kind of odd seeing a big Harley off-roading thru the property.  She got all in a puff and that was the end of my peaceful place.  She starting telling me what I could and couldn't do, whose permission I had to have and treated me as if I was a misbehaving child.  The neighbor, who is a police officer, stopped by and asked if all was ok to this lady.  I was pinned as trouble... Because I am an outsider and I ride a motorcycle.  

I was quite frustrated by this encounter and called my boss and told them they needed to sort this out.  I wasn't going to ask permission from anyone because I was told I have the right to go thru there,  I introduced myself to the one person I might meet going thru there.  That is all that is necessary on my part.  They told me not to call anyone and all will be fine... They will take care of it.

I spent another night out there and it was perfect and I was left alone,  I had to leave early the next morning to get an oil change on Blue and go to work.  Around 4pm I hear from the people I work for that the woman locked the gate I go thru and I can't access TicTac.  I could just climb the fence to get over there.... Ummm....then I run the risk of getting caught trespassing by this crazy woman... It's Montana so I also run the risk of getting shot.

Then I was told their lawyer was out of town for the month of July and I could get back to TicTac hopefully in a few days and I could just stay somewhere else.  Ummm... NO! TicTac is my home.

I called the Sheriff department because as far as I was concerned this lady stole my home,  she had access to my home and I did not.  It took 2 calls to the department and me telling them this woman stole my home to get a response.  The police in small towns can be quite worthless for an outsider... The people who live in the town seem to have more rights than an outsider.  With my other issues in the past years the police were not helpful and they weren't all that helpful here either.

The officer said he would meet me at the property.  When I get there the off duty police officer who lives next door came out with his badge and gun on his belt.  Small town, everyone in your business.  As a single woman that felt like a threat.  I was sure to tell the on duty police officer that and that he needed to either leave the gun in the house or stay in the house.  I was not the criminal here.

Trying to be peaceful, when all I wanted was this crazy woman to be arerested for stealing my home, he goes and talks to this crazy lady who is obviously too scared to come out of the house.  One because she caused trouble where there was no trouble and me being a biker she was probably scared about what I would do to her.  I have a pretty hot head but I know I do so I can calm myself and I just puff out my feathers and intimidate without doing much of anything.  The calmness freaks people out enough.

The police officer came back with the key and my boss and I take the truck to go get TicTac.  I felt like a criminal when really I was the victim in a small minded crime.  I was discriminated against by this crazy woman and the police.

Being from a small town I knew this wouldn't be the end of this woman in my life.  I had no place to be and the agreement for me working thru the 4th of July was that I got to be left alone out in the field.  So, I decided it was time to go.  I cleaned out TicTac and packed her up for the road and the next morning I was gone with the sun.

Goodbye to unnecessary, small minded, small town drama.  Back to the life I love!


  1. What the hell is wrong with people?

  2. It's frustrating when we have to pay for other people being afraid of different. Glad you got out of there.

  3. She is the miserable one for she has to live with herself every day...... And you are blessed to have no evil heart like that sad critter. Sad to have such anguish when you are just being the sweet person you are! We are on YOUR side! :-)

  4. There is no fix for stupid. Avoid if you can and remember life is a circus. I Clowns are all around.