Monday, July 20, 2015

*face palm* to the man

I stayed a couple days longer than I expected in Keystone.  There was a job opening for an assistant manager at a hotel for the rest of the season.  I applied and was told they would get back to me by that evening (Friday) knowing I was leaving if the  job didn't pan out.  Well... Here it is Monday and I never heard from them.

To me, this is disrespectful.  I waited a day to interview because they were so desperate for someone and I don't even hear back fro them.  I have zero tolerance for this game employers play.  I have better things to do.

I did enjoy my weekend with my friend... pictures to come.  I am hitting the road today heading east.  I'll need to find some odd and end work as I go.  I think the drifter life will be the way for me... Now to figure out how to make that work. 

More to come...


  1. Rude. The interview/HR process has become soulless and frustrating. It's amazing when you're actually able to speak to a human. Everything else is online, with robotic assessments to weed out candidates before an actual interview is even possible.

    1. So true! This one I was staying with a friend who is working for them in their campground. I had an in person interview and right there and they still couldn't communicate with me. No one I want to work for.

  2. I know how frustrating it can be communicated with business owners and staff. However, there is a system that worked for me. When applying for a position always get the name of your contact person. Immediately send a thank you note and call the day after delivery asking if they received the note and if a decision is pending. Puts them on the spot and forces them into making a decision. Not foolproof but it worked more often then not.... Keep safe