Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day out and about with my brother

I arrived in Kentucky to my parents house.  My brother and I decided to take a day out on hwy 68.  There was Forgotten Past with gocarts, mini golf, arcade and other things to do.  It was probably the hottest day of the summer with a heat index in triple digits.  We couldn't stop sweating but had a great time.

After some fun and major sweating we went north on 68 to see a place I have driven by a few times.  We ended up at Hill Billy Arts Garden.

My brother was a bit iffy about it but this is the kind of stuff you see on the side of the road throughout America... In all different shapes and form so it was a must stop for me.  It is by donation and you get a full guided tour with puns and all thru the art garden and to see a small portion of the toys they have collected spanning 100 years.

I had to chuckle at first because it isn't often he gets someone who lives like me... So a comment about the above van as a guest room and me saying it's bigger than my home... Or a toilet seat on a pot and I said I have a coffee can, took our guide off guard for a moment.  He made references from the area but also of roadside art from other parts of the country... Places I have seen and been.  Quite fun.

Salvation Mound

His version of Cadilac Ranch

Potty mouth


Holly rollers church and the old rugged cross

Throne hinge 

Tree of knowledge

Painting on the side of the trailer that store 80% of his toys they need to find a building for.

A small portion of the toys spanning 100 years.

There is a ton more to see so when you stop leave lots of time.  My brother and I were in a bit of a time crunch because we were meeting some friends of mine cycling across the country.  Stop by tomorrow to hear all their adventures.

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