Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Night at the Drive-In

I haven't been to a Drive-In since I was a kid.  My parents took out the rear seats of our van and my brothers and I played in the back while they watched Coming to America with Eddie Murphy.  I was quite excited to have a nice evening outside watching a movie.

My friend and I got there when it said it opened which was over 2 hours before the movie actually started.  We were the first ones there.  I was excited because it said they had a playground.... Was totally bummed there.  I was expecting the big swings and a good slide but they had some pathetic version of a swing set and no slide. Bummer!

We entertain ourselves in our own way.

As we were waiting for the movie a storm was in the distance... I kept saying we might have a Twister moment... Luckily we didn't... Just a little rain before the movie started.

This is how my friend prepared for the storm... As you can see she didn't offer any part of the umbrella to me. Hahahaha

Rain came thru and the sun was out again and with a great double rainbow.

We watched the first movie, Minions, and headed home.  Was a nice relaxing evening.