Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's next?

I get the question as to what and where is next... to be honest I have no idea.  I am kind of excited about not having a plan and just living one day at a time.  All I know is I want to make it to Alaska this summer... so stay south for the rest of the winter and then gradually head north... maybe with a detour or two but I have plenty of time to get there.

Right now I am going to enjoy the rest of my time with my new animal friends.  They have been great!

Here are some more pictures of my babies and my new friends.

This is Kai... He is a great friend... he was next to me every moment of the day when my grandpa passed away.

Poco's most favorite thing to do in New Mexico is to roll around in the dirt.

Nube and Kai getting personal.

Kitty is a great pal... she still loves me even though I have had to put eye drops in her eyes for the past couple weeks.

And my Randall... he is so helpful when changing guitar strings.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

So long for now

This week my Grandpa passed away.  I will not be going back to Nebraska for the funeral or anything and that feels ok for me.  I made a video for him a couple weeks ago that he saw and I had also posted on here.  He use to read my blog to keep up with my adventures.

I wasn't all that sad at first because I knew it was coming sooner than later.

I went outside like I usually do at sunset to check out what the sky looks like that day.  I was bummed at first... yes it was beautiful but I was hoping for amazing colors.  I am someone who, I guess you could say, thinks and feels deeply and spiritually.  I have had people who have passed away follow me, give me messages and sometimes plain out haunt me.  So I figured my grandpa would send me a goodbye... so that is why I was kind of bummed at first when it looked like there wasn't going to be any fabulous colors.  So I took a picture and posted it on my facebook page kind of bummed. Yes it is beautiful in it's whites and yellows but it didn't feel right.

As soon as I posted this I looked out the window and saw the most amazing sunset yet.

There was pink all around me... in every direction as far as you could see...

With the most amazing orange glow from the sun's final moments...

I stood out in the yard taking pictures and I cried...

I have to say my grandpa gave me a wonderful gift for his so long for now.  I said so long for now and gave him a thumbs up.  After this amazing sunset I feel like my so long for now is complete.  Thanks, Grandpa for the best sunset in New Mexico so far.

Friday, January 25, 2013

100th Post

Well blogger says this is my 100th post... WOW... can't believe I have actually kept with it that long. Writing is not my forte and I usually get frustrated after a bit and stop but this has been quite enjoyable so far.

I started this blog back in 2011 when I started thinking about how I was going to incorporate my life and my art.  I had the idea of BlueRoad...really not thinking I would actually make it to living on the road but more of an art that would have me living the life I dream in the imagination of my art.  I only had a handful of posts until August 2012 when I was living in a shack in Rosendale, NY saving every penny I could for this new life... what an adventure that was.

Now over 3500 miles later in New Mexico loving the sun, wide open spaces and beautiful mountain views, with no idea where I am going next other than my dream of making it to Alaska, I am living the life I have been talking about for years.... I mean years. :D

My next 100 posts I plan to go deeper into the self, figure out how I can make my Alaskan adventure become a reality and gradually make my way one mile at a time.  I have a few things I am working on and I hope you read along.

Thanks for following!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Local Food??

I have been asked a couple of times now what kind of local food I have had on my travels... to be honest it doesn't even cross my mind.  I am not someone who eats out all that often.  I will go as a treat to myself and I am one who will eat at a sit down restaurant by myself.  I don't make a lot of money so to me eating out and spending a day or more worth of food money on one meal just doesn't make sense to me... so it is definitely a treat when I do eat out.

Maybe it is from having an eating disorder in my past that I don't really think about food in the way of a pleasurable activity... or it could just be it doesn't interest me.  My parents will go out for a day ride on their Harley with friends and stop at a new BBQ joint for lunch.  I go out on a day ride and bring a lunch.  My friends gave me a hard time when I rode from upstate NY to Maine and back in one day and didn't get any lobster in Maine... I brought my own lunch.  I could go to Maine and back in a day because I didn't spend a tank of gas on food because I brought something from home.

I also have a lot of weird issues that prevent me from going into a restaurant by myself and order something I have never had before.  Usually when I go with someone I have them pick out something for me that I haven't had before and it almost always something I quite like.  Myself, I go and order a cheeseburger or something I know what is coming and I know I like it.  I have some texture issues that I have become more aware of over time.  I probably have a pallet of 12 year old but I am improving around the texture issues.

Also I have a learning disability that comes out more in certain situations but I can work around in other situations.  Menus are a little much for me to read... too many distractions and a whole lot of things I have no idea what they are... I guess if I was proactive I would google everything as I go along but who wants to spend that amount of time ordering something off the menu. I also have a bit of delay when listening to people talk so someone explaining something I know nothing about really doesn't help since I miss a good chunk of the conversation.  It is a bit frustrating to me because I can't get as much information as I would like because of my learning disability.  I have lived a good chunk of my life just nodding my head and agreeing with things that I don't know what it means.  I have adjusted by taking all the information in a situation from facial expressions, the way someone speaks, putting together bits and pieces so I know what people are talking about.  I also have the tendency to say 'what' a lot and it isn't that I haven't heard what someone said because I will answer right after saying 'what'... I guess it just gives me that extra moment for my brain to catch up.  It is the same way with reading.  I can read the words but I have to put together different parts of sentences and fill in the blanks.  Luckily I have gotten pretty good at it and I can live life to the most part without any one knowing I work so hard to get very basic information.

Anyway back to the food.  Maybe I am the only one that eats to live... it really isn't something I plan more than to get what I need to be healthy.  It has never been enjoyable to the point I want to try tons of food I've never had before or whatever.  I enjoy eating out on occasion and with friends but more for the social aspect than the food.  Maybe it is eating disordered but really there are many things that make this not as enjoyable for me... financial, understanding, textures... and I don't even realize I am missing out until someone tells me so.  Maybe it is something to work on but if I don't feel I am missing out I don't know what I am working on.  So if you ask me what local foods I have had and I have no answer or give you a weird look it is because it doesn't even cross my mind... and to be honest I am all good with that for now.  ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crocheting Weekend

This weekend I spent crocheting.  I don't usually go out and about on weekends and especially holiday weekends.  If I go for a day ride on Blue it is usually during the week and I try to stay out of stores and public places as much as possible since it seems like everyone is hacking a lung and doesn't know how to cover their mouth... it is really just disgusting... and I don't care to get sick.  So I had a great weekend crocheting and hanging out with all the pets.

I crochet a lot of hats because they use 1 skein of yarn, are quick to make and it is a good way to try out different stitches.  I do make other things when asked or I feel like it.  I have made myself an outfit, made some wristers, shawls, coffee sleeves and such for other people.  It all just depends.  I am working on a larger project also I really need to finish.  With everything that goes on with life it has been in the making for a few months.  Hopefully I will finish during my time here in New Mexico.

Anyways... here are a few pictures of what I did this weekend.

Some hats I just pick a stitch or two out of a book or from online and create something.

Others are just a simple hat that I don't have to think while making... good for when you are watching something on tv that you want to be able to pay attention to. ;)

I do make somethings out of patterns I find online.  This hat I had made before and sold it so this was a custom make for another customer.

Then I made another pair of these wristers for a friend of mine.  I had made a pair a couple moths ago with a matching hat for a custom order.  They really looked fabulous.

I sell these hats and such online but also in a store called Cadiz Comfort Zone in Cadiz, KY.  Online I sell a lot of custom items that people email me about and I create for them.  That is always a good challenge... trying to figure out what they are asking for and then making it the right size... the size thing I am still working on. :)  I call my crochet business Neldee and you can see more at for  I think today may be another day of crocheting... but maybe crocheting outside in this beautiful weather.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making it thru Winter

I was just thinking today that I am doing really good for it being mid January.  I am always a little off in the winter time especially in places that actually have a winter.  I suffer from some really bad depression that makes my life come to a halt.  When I lived in Florida it wasn't as bad because it was warm and the sun would show itself most of the time. I could ride Blue all year round and I had a great support system.

The last few years in upstate NY I barely made it thru the winters.  It was cold and gloomy most of the time and it seemed like the snow would never end.  I couldn't go out on Blue very often, I felt trapped and my support system was very limited.  Each winter I was in NY the worse it got.  This last winter was the worst and I tried everything to keep myself going.  I had many plans that might have worked if I was able to keep them going but myself and my job didn't permit some of the things I needed and then of course everything fell apart.

Some of the things I tried last winter was a strict schedule including where I needed to be, someone I needed to see every few days, what I was going to eat that day and something enjoyable to do each day.  I created a chore list so I was sure basic things would be done like feeding my boys, going to the grocery store, taking out the trash and cleaning my apartment.  I got a weighted vest and one of those sun lamps.  The weighted vest and an exercise ball did help out since I can get very frustrated but the sun lamp just gave me a headache so I rarely used it.  I had gotten to the point where I literally could not move for days.  As I said before I was at a point where hospitalization or a day program should of been where I spent most of my winter.  Luckily it wasn't.

Depression is hard to plan around but every year I know it is coming so planning ahead of time is key.  Finding a job that can be flexible and a support system is a good start.  It isn't that I don't have to worry about depression all year round but the winter seems to be where it is the worst.

This year I have been pretty happy.  Probably because I am living the life I have dreamed about forever but I also had to realize I am staying in a place where there is a winter.  It gets cold, we get a little bit of snow but luckily there is a lot of sun.

Some of the things I do to keep myself in a good place are:

I take vitamin D every day.. I use a liquid form where I just have to put a drop on my tongue every morning.

I keep a low stress life.  If something is stressing me out or frustrating me I put it down and walk away until I feel better about it.  I have a few bills and have to make some money but I don't have to worry as much about money because I don't have to worry about rent which was a huge stressor for me since I never made enough to pay rent.  Rent in most places is excessive for a single person.  In the dumps I have lived in it would normally cost me close to half of my salary... that is no more.  Stress is a huge trigger and it really isn't worth it in the long run.

I give myself things I need to accomplish every day.  Not too many things and simple things.  For instance one day I will take out the garbage and bring in fire wood.  Another day I may make a goal of crocheting a hat.  On all the nice days I walk to get the mail and play with all the dogs outside.

I am up every morning usually when the sun rises.  There is no alarm set but luckily insomnia has not met up with me yet this winter.  I go to bed at a decent time and I sleep thru the night.  I sometimes take a nap in the afternoon if I am tired but I don't even need a nap every day.

I have done really well with food which has the tendency to fall apart.  I make a plan in my head for the day of what I am going to eat.  I listen to my body and eat when I am hungry.  I have been drinking water and less caffeinated drinks.  I did have a day where I craved caffeine so I allowed myself but it is not a daily thing... neither is sweets.  I eat them when I want them but not necessary every day because my mood is pretty stable.

I have some other creative ideas that I work on a little bit at a time that make me happy but I can't work on too much or I become a perfectionist which leads to depression.  Unfortunately once my perfectionist part comes out I can't do anything right.... so I work on it as long as it is fun and put it away when it becomes more stressful.

These small basic ideas have made a huge difference.  It is also helpful that I don't have to be going all the time and there really is no one for me to please.  I can do what I want when I want which I guess goes with the stress level.  I am someone who likes people but I can't be around them all the time.  If I am constantly around people I need a day where I completely hibernate but since I don't see people every day or even talk to people every day I can keep going every day of the week.  I think it is having a good middle ground where I am not completely isolated but not a social butterfly either.  I am someone who needs to be a little more on the isolated side but again I don't mind people in moderation. The pets are really helpful also.  They all have a schedule and let me know it is time to get moving and when I am happy they are happy.  They like to cuddle and play and that makes me a happy Jackie.

So far this winter I feel I have been quite successful.  Finding things that keep me happy and I am very content with my life and couldn't ask for more.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

You aren't a Bro!!

As a female rider I have had to deal with a lot of different views on being a woman who rides.  I have had men stop me and tell me that my bike was too big for me or that I shouldn't be riding alone.  I have had women stop next to me at a light and give me a thumbs up or a shout out.

Some of the best are little girls who stare at me.  Over the summer I had an SUV pass me on the interstate with a little girl staring out the window... her mom showed her how to give me a peace sign (I have one on my helmet) and she did... I of course gave one back.  A few years ago when I was out on a day ride I stopped at a gas station to get something to eat.  While standing in line for food this little girl in her Sunday best just kept staring at me.  She was with her dad and when they were about to leave she whispers something in his ear.  As he walked past he told her I was a woman who rode a motorcycle and how cool that was.

I have been called sir more times than I care to admit... and well honestly that has happened my entire life.  I have never understood that concept.  It doesn't matter what I wear or if I have hair or not most people's first reaction is to call me sir.  Sometimes it drives me crazy and when I was in the midst of my Eating Disorder I would take it to heart and feel I was somehow less of a person because they couldn't tell that I was a woman.  Honestly it upsets me most because someone can't take the time to even look at my face before saying something... no eye contact is ever made... especially in the check out lanes.  I had one woman a few months ago who needed help getting something from a top shelf at the super market and called me sir... when I said sure and reached up to get it for her she realized she was wrong and felt really bad.  She apologized over and over again saying she should of looked at me before asking.  I told her it wasn't a big deal but yet sometimes after a day of being out and being called sir all day really begins to drive me crazy.

When I am in my full winter gear on the bike I feel that I am genderless... I guess in a society where men and women were equal I would be genderless... but of course in this society men ride motorcycles... especially when the weather isn't perfect.  So I am not genderless in my winter gear... I am a man.  For those of you that believe this myth of society... I have ridden thru rain, snow, tropical storms and edges of hurricanes.  I have ridden from temperatures as low as in the 20s and I ride all year round.  I have over 70,000 miles on my motorcycle and I ride solo except the handful of times my parents and I got out for a ride when I visit.  I went on a ride in 2009 over 5800 miles and 19 states... solo.  This trip I have ridden from upstate NY to Northern NM pulling a trailer.  That is over 3500 miles so far.  My license plate frame says it best... Deal with it girls ride too... except I think it should say women but that is a different story. ;)

Anyways... why I am saying all of this... Along this new journey I get stopped by a lot of men who want to take a look at my trailer... rarely any women.  Some men look at me like I am crazy, some men are quite supportive but on my way thru New Mexico I met a guy that was really just priceless.

I stopped to get gas and this guy on the other side of the pump says "Nice trailer, Bro"  I tell him thank you and the look of shock on his face was priceless.  He then says "You aren't a Bro".  I just get on Blue and as I am lifting up the bike to begin riding again he finally picks up his jaw from the ground and tells me safe riding.  I laughed for the next hour.  All I could think of was the best part of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy...

Nothing like being a bit outside the societal box to get a bit of empowerment.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

For my Grandpa

My grandpa hasn't been doing well this last week or so.  He was in the hospital last weekend and so I thought I would make a video for him.  He always asks me to sing the song "Grandpa" by Jamie O'Hara that was originally sung by The Judds.  So my mom sent me some pictures and I made this video for him.

I love seeing the older pictures... it seems to be a past I know nothing about.  I also love how motorcycles are something that is in the family from my grandpa to my dad and my uncle.  I remember going on poker runs when I was a kid and it was always a special time when I got to go along.  From those memories I had the desire to ride my own motorcycle one day.  I accomplished that but I am sad I never got to ride with my grandpa, dad and uncle like they use to do.

One of my goals is to ride to Alaska.  I remember hearing about my Grandpa and Grandma riding their motorcycle up there and it sounded so amazing.  My hope is that I can do that this coming summer if I plan everything right.  Maybe I can go to some of the same places they went... take some of the same roads.  It will be an amazing adventure thinking about them and exploring some amazing country.

♥♥  Sending Grandpa and Nona my love.  ♥♥

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have seen some beautiful sunsets this last week.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. ;)

The amount of planes that you can see is really amazing.  At first I had no idea what they were... I guess I was hoping for some aliens. ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Day Outside

Yesterday was a warm day so Poco, Nube and the dog I am taking care of named Kai spent a good chunk of the day outside.  This was good since Poco and Nube were not doing well with the wet food I gave them the day before so they were sick all morning.  They woke me up at 6am and I had to give both of them a bath.  Poco was not so impressed.  So of course he had to show me who was boss.

Nube just wants to be held at all times... he isn't so big on the outside thing.  The sun was nice and warm and bright... as you can tell my Nube's squints.

Kai is a great dog and he kind of likes to just look on... probably because he thinks my boys are crazy.

Kai is also a very good watch dog... he likes to keep an eye on everything around us and he always leads the way on our walks.

We had a lot of fun just hanging outside and getting some sun... the sun keeps me happy. :D

The sunset was nice and pink... quite beautiful.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Mexico

I finally made it thru Texas and hit New Mexico.  I have never been to New Mexico so I was very excited.  I went up 285 to get to my final destination for a few weeks.  It was a cold 2 days of riding to get there.

I don't have real winter gloves so my fingers were freezing.  I improvised a bit to keep my fingers warm.

I used those Hot Hands Hand Warmers and ducked taped them to the back of the glove.  Then duck taped the thumb for a bit more wind resistance.  It seemed to work ok. :)

I got to go thru Roswell with all those aliens.  I was too pooped to do any touristy stuff.  I stayed for the first time in the Walmart parking lot.  Quite the connivence... it would be really awesome if they had showers but I did get free internet from the Sams next door.

I did a bit of shopping for some things to get me thru a few days at my final destination.  Then just hung out in the trailer.  

It became quite the campground as the night went on.  In the morning some bratty children in another camper thought it was funny to knock on my trailer... at 7am in the morning.  No parents around.  I of course opened my door and told them I wasn't bothering them so they shouldn't bother me.  I think I scared them a bit... but they were lucky I wasn't some big Harley man. haha... So I was up early but yet couldn't leave til later morning when it warmed up a little bit.

I waited until about 10am and took off again.  On 285 north of Roswell there are no towns for 90 miles.  I read on a forum that it was one of the most desolate highways.  I have to disagree with that.  Sure there were no towns but there was a good flow of cars on that road so I wasn't completely alone.

It was a very cold riding day and in the distance looked like snow was falling.  I got to Galisteo, my destination, cold but dry so I was happy.  The next day I woke up to a light dusting of snow... so glad I got there when I did.

I am in New Mexico for 6 weeks total while house sitting.  I am taking care of a wonderful dog and cat.  I am excited for what will transpire while I am here. :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Texas, Texas and more Texas

Everyone knows Texas goes on forever.  I went from north to south and then from east to west all in Texas.   I do have to say the back highways are beautiful!  It was windy after leaving Houston so I got off the interstate where the speed limit is just way too high for me and people drive like mad to these nice relaxing back highways with great views and little traffic.  I stayed somewhat close to the interstate because I always spend the night right off the interstate where there is a lot of traffic.

I had to stay with the big rigs again.  This one I didn't really like because some the oil and crap on the parking spots are just disgusting and this was one of them.  But I had no choice since there was no where else to park... Then to top it off I had a trucker tell me I should be more respectful of truckers and not part in their spots.  He said they drive all day and when they want to sleep they don't want to spend time looking for a spot to park.  I responded in telling him I was driving all day too... in the cold... in the rain and I was tired.  I didn't have a nice cab to keep me warm and dry I had to deal with all of the elements first hand.  I deserved that park as much as any trucker.  I stayed and he didn't say another word.  

That was just one rotten person.  Everyone else I met along the way was very helpful.  The next morning... still in Texas... I went a short distance on the interstate and got off at a random exit and drove a bit and found my way thru some great side roads to my next stop... still in Texas.  I loved the fact that I felt comfortable to go outside the basic route I originally looked at and took roads that made me feel more comfortable and I love finding my way as I go.  I had great fun in Texas... the many days in Texas.  It really is a beautiful state.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas in Houston

I spent a few days in Houston with my brother.  I got to meet up with a friend I haven't seen in years except on facebook and got to spend good times with my brother.  I haven't seen him in years... not even sure how many so I was excited to be there.

The weather was good for the most part.  This picture was from the day I walked to go meet my friend at Starbucks.  It was a great walking day.

Neither my brother or myself cook or really feel the need to cook so our Christmas feast was full of foods we love to munch on but rarely buy for ourselves... processed food at it's finest.

That is usually how I celebrate the holidays.  Buying food I wouldn't normally buy or feel it is too expensive for what it is.  We very much enjoyed our feast... it even lasted Christmas eve and day.

Christmas Eve we spent eating, drinking and singing.  My brother loves Karaoke and this SingSnap website.  So that is what we did.  I am a bit of a perfectionist so we only got thru 2 songs. haha... and well drinking too much and singing never goes the way you want. ;)

This first song my brother and I use to sing together when I was still in high school.  We did a lot of duets at that time for church and little gigs for local groups and once even the zoo. One of our favorites was Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.  We always sang The Judds version since at that point in time I loved The Judds and Wynonna.

This second song (O Holy Night) my brother thought it would be great if I sang it "opera" style.  He just cracks up at me when I sing that way... well mainly because I am a folk singer and not much of an opera singer.  I only became an opera singer to get my music degree. ;)  So don't judge harshly... I do that plenty myself.  I don't usually sing this way but it is kind of funny cause I CAN sing this way.  It took forever for me to give up the perfection and just go with it.  We weren't going to get a great recording from this website and the computer mic so I just had to let it go.  I finally did and this is how it came out.
Christmas Day we spent the evening at the movies seeing both the Hobbit and Les Mis.  All and all it was a great holiday and I was sad to go but I had to get back on the road.  I left on the 27th to get to my new destination of New Mexico by the 30th.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Poor Blue

The first few days of my travels to Houston were really uneventful.  I had beautiful days after the one windy day where I had to stay in Memphis an extra day.  I knew something was going to come my way but wasn't real sure what it would be.

The third night of my travels I stayed a a Pilot Travel Center outside of Shreveport LA next to the big rigs.  I don't usually do that unless there is no other place to park.

The next day seemed to be going well... got into Texas and headed south.  Only a few more hours before hitting Houston and Blue's battery light came on.  I wasn't sure what was going on but I called my dad who said ride a bit more and see if it turns off.  I had just changed the tail light bulb and for whatever reason every time I change a bulb on Blue the whole electrical system goes whack so I wasn't terribly surprised the battery light came on.  So I kept going.  Then just at the edge of Carthage Texas Blue's battery completely died right at a gas station... thankfully.  So I called 411 and found a Napa Auto Parts that would bring me a new battery.  

I had to get the battery out of Blue to tell them what battery I needed.  This nice lady carrying a baby (in one of those holder things that go over the shoulder and keep the baby in the front) comes over and asked if I needed help.  She got her husband to come over with his truck to help me out.  While he was driving over he was going to come right where I had put my travel trunk and this woman, with baby and all, lifts this thing out of the way... when I go to take it from her she tells me not to worry and that I shouldn't lift it.  Seriously... But they were great and got the battery out for me.

I was hoping this might do the trick but not my luck that day.  Blue was not charging the battery at all.  So I had to find a Harley shop on the Saturday before Christmas who could fix Blue and get us back on the road.  

Unfortunately I was right in the middle of 2 different shops.  One in Longview and the other in Nacodoches.  I was back and forth with both dealerships for what seemed like hours.  One would tell me the other was closer and back and forth.  Finally the Longview shop told me to come.  They told me to ride until the battery dies again and then they will come get me since the shop was 30+ minutes away.  

Well I had to put Blue back together again first.  I was a total klutz and couldn't get the battery back in since I took it out because it was just dying in Blue and I didn't put it in all the way so I could test.  So I had to call Napa back and the guy who brought me the battery came back out to put it back in for me.  Then I couldn't get the trunk back on... talk about getting flustered.  I was on a time crunch.  It was already mid afternoon and they closed at 6pm.  I gave up and put the dogs in with the cat and shoved the trunk into the trailer and took off.  I booked it.  Luckily in Texas the highways are 70+mph.  Not that I would or could go that fast but I did go as fast as I could because I knew time was not on my side.

I got to the edge of Longview and got stuck in a funeral procession.  For those who don't know... in the south cars stop on both sides of the road for a funeral procession... even in a divided 4 lane highway.  So there I was watching my battery dying while waiting on the opposite side of the road as a funeral procession goes by.  An extremely long funeral procession may I add.  I have total respect for funeral processions but seriously... in that sort of situation when I am on the far lane from the procession and in need to go or else be stuck on the side of the road I should be able to go... I was exiting maybe 100ft from where I was.  I am sure the person who has died would understand but I was stuck.  I got a bit further after the procession and then Blue died.  Luckily I made it less than 6 miles from the Harley shop so they came out and changed out my battery again for me to get there.

They were really great to me.  They got me water for my boys, helped me get the trailer off and set so they could work on Blue and they were going to get me on the road that evening even if they had to stay late.  It gave me a bit of faith back in to Harley dealerships.  I have had some really bad experiences and I avoid at all cost but with this I had to go and it was a part that would be under the extended warrantee.

Here is where Harley fails yet again... I have had a problem with my extended warrantee since the day I bought it.  I got the 5 extra years but the person who did the paperwork did it wrong and only gave me 1 more year.  So it expired in 2010.  Every time I have had warrantee work done since 2010 it has been some sort of huge ordeal.  Each time they tell me it won't happen again... it is resolved.  Yet it was not resolved again and the warrantee office was closed Saturday evening before Christmas so I had to dish out the $500+ to fix Blue to get us back on the road.  I am still working on getting this resolved.  With Harley this may be a pain until my 5 years are up.  Hoping for them to resolve ASAP so I don't have to do this again.  I paid the money to have this security and there I was on the side of the road with no coverage for tow or the work that needed to be done.  Luckily Longview HD was looking out for me and helped me as much as they could to keep the cost down and to get me back on the road.

I ended up having to go backwards to get to Longview HD and then even further backwards to find a place to spend the night but I was on the road again that evening before they closed so life was all good.

There are still good people in the world.  Not sure if it was the holidays but hopefully they are there for each other all year round.

The next day I made it the rest of the way to Houston to spend Christmas with my brother.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I am remembering today where I was a year ago.  I needed some sort of motivation as I was in a huge slump of depression that I hadn't been in in years.  My therapist and I were discussing an outpatient day program to keep me safe.  That was the last thing I wanted.  I had been thru years of in and out of psych hospitals and weekly groups to keep me safe and it is so hard to have a slump like that when you know life can be so good.  I surely didn't want to be, what I feel like, is babysat.  So I came up with the idea of 2012, The Year of the RV.  I needed something to work for, something to look forward to.  This RV idea has been in the making for years... probably 6+ years.  I would go back and forth between the Rascal like I have or a huge RV but realistically this motorcycle trailer is more affordable for someone like me.

So a year later here I am living on the road.  I am out west where I have never been before.  It is January and I am happy.  I have sun, I have my boys and I am happy.

Life is good.

2013 is the Year of Adventure.  I can't wait to live life to the fullest... see new sights, meet new people.

Hope you all make big dreams and then make those big dreams come true.

Peace, Health and Happiness for the New Year.