Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crocheting Weekend

This weekend I spent crocheting.  I don't usually go out and about on weekends and especially holiday weekends.  If I go for a day ride on Blue it is usually during the week and I try to stay out of stores and public places as much as possible since it seems like everyone is hacking a lung and doesn't know how to cover their mouth... it is really just disgusting... and I don't care to get sick.  So I had a great weekend crocheting and hanging out with all the pets.

I crochet a lot of hats because they use 1 skein of yarn, are quick to make and it is a good way to try out different stitches.  I do make other things when asked or I feel like it.  I have made myself an outfit, made some wristers, shawls, coffee sleeves and such for other people.  It all just depends.  I am working on a larger project also I really need to finish.  With everything that goes on with life it has been in the making for a few months.  Hopefully I will finish during my time here in New Mexico.

Anyways... here are a few pictures of what I did this weekend.

Some hats I just pick a stitch or two out of a book or from online and create something.

Others are just a simple hat that I don't have to think while making... good for when you are watching something on tv that you want to be able to pay attention to. ;)

I do make somethings out of patterns I find online.  This hat I had made before and sold it so this was a custom make for another customer.

Then I made another pair of these wristers for a friend of mine.  I had made a pair a couple moths ago with a matching hat for a custom order.  They really looked fabulous.

I sell these hats and such online but also in a store called Cadiz Comfort Zone in Cadiz, KY.  Online I sell a lot of custom items that people email me about and I create for them.  That is always a good challenge... trying to figure out what they are asking for and then making it the right size... the size thing I am still working on. :)  I call my crochet business Neldee and you can see more at for  I think today may be another day of crocheting... but maybe crocheting outside in this beautiful weather.

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