Saturday, January 12, 2013

For my Grandpa

My grandpa hasn't been doing well this last week or so.  He was in the hospital last weekend and so I thought I would make a video for him.  He always asks me to sing the song "Grandpa" by Jamie O'Hara that was originally sung by The Judds.  So my mom sent me some pictures and I made this video for him.

I love seeing the older pictures... it seems to be a past I know nothing about.  I also love how motorcycles are something that is in the family from my grandpa to my dad and my uncle.  I remember going on poker runs when I was a kid and it was always a special time when I got to go along.  From those memories I had the desire to ride my own motorcycle one day.  I accomplished that but I am sad I never got to ride with my grandpa, dad and uncle like they use to do.

One of my goals is to ride to Alaska.  I remember hearing about my Grandpa and Grandma riding their motorcycle up there and it sounded so amazing.  My hope is that I can do that this coming summer if I plan everything right.  Maybe I can go to some of the same places they went... take some of the same roads.  It will be an amazing adventure thinking about them and exploring some amazing country.

♥♥  Sending Grandpa and Nona my love.  ♥♥

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