Wednesday, April 24, 2013

South Florida

I started my temporary job this week.  It will last until the end of May/beginning of June in South Florida.  I lived here for around 10 years so it feels like home.  I had a nice ride down here and it was great to be in a place where I know it won't get cold. haha...  I haven't been here in around 2 years so it is quite warm but I am enjoying myself.

Didn't take too long to get back into the swing of riding in the traffic down here.  Not a big fan.  It seems like everyone is in a hurry and I'm not quite sure what is so important.  It just keeps reminding me of this Alabama song.

Living on the road in my new life I have realized you miss out on so much when you are in a hurry and I prefer slowing down.  
This is more my speed these days. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poco Update

Poco had his surgery yesterday and all went well.  I was a little surprised when I saw him.  I'm not sure what I thought he was going to look like but I wasn't expecting what I saw.  He looked just pitiful.

This is a picture of us when we got home.  The stitches and being shaved around his eye just looked painful and I thought he wasn't going to be himself for quite some time... boy was I wrong.  He laid with me until after dinner and then all of a sudden he had a burst of energy.  I took him and Nube outside thinking we would just hang out in the yard... nope he wanted a walk.

We walked all the way to the lake... just a couple days ago we tried and we didn't make it all the way to the lake and I still had to carry him over half way on our short walk.  He was so excited and took the lead of the pack position like he always does.  He is always about 5 feet in front of me and Nube is always about 5 feet behind me.  This evening if felt like the world was back in order as Poco and Nube took their spots back.

I had to take a picture to show his accomplishment.  His favorite thing to do by the lake is to roll in the grass but I had to tell him that was a no go until his eye healed a bit... I surely don't need the stitches to fall out before their time.

The day turned out to be a great day and I am happy with the vet we went to.  Not only did they do the eye surgery but they clipped his toenails, gave him a bath and cleaned his teeth.  It was quite the spa day.  Hopefully we will have many more healthy days ahead of us.  For now I will be thankful Poco is back to himself.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Beautiful Weekend

We had a beautiful weekend here in Kentucky.  I am excited that spring has decided to show her face.  I helped my parents with sprucing up their yard for spring.

In my parents yard we realized they don't have earthworms... which is what I thought this little critter was at first but when I picked it up it had legs.

We are from Nebraska and none of us had ever seen those things there but we have lots of them here in Kentucky.  We had fun playing with our new friend but I think too much time in the sun was not good for the little dude.  I sure hope he survived.

Poco and Nube hung out outside.  A friend of mine brought over an old pack and play so Poco could rest outside in the shade.  He loves to be outside and spent the day quite content resting in the playpen.

Nube on the other hand is always full of mischief.  I would have him outside for about 5 minutes and then he would get bored so I would put him in the trailer with Randall and then he would get bored again but finally by Sunday he was content with being outside.  Such a silly boy.

Nube loves these bone things and he hates to share.  Even with Poco in the playpen Nube took his bone to the other side of the driveway.

He carried that bone around like a stogie... made me think of the Godfather or something. haha

Maybe he was enjoying that treat a bit too much.

Surgery Day for Poco

Poco went to the vet this morning for his surgery.  I will be able to pick him up after 3:30 this afternoon.  They told me no news was good news and I haven't heard anything yet so I am happy.

After dropping Poco off at the vet this morning I took a nap.  I was having a dream of Poco coming home from the vet with one eye closed and the other eye open and then magically his eye opened and he had 2 perfect eyes like nothing happened.  I have been bummed about Poco having to loose an eye but I know it is the best for him but after I woke up I started to cry.  I think because Poco loosing an eye is telling me he is not invincible and well, I just felt so bad that he has to hurt and loose his eye.  

I have had a few people tell me that this same thing happened to their pet and they had to remove the eye.  They reassure me that it will not phase him.  They bounce back and Poco will be back to himself soon.  I so can't wait.

This weekend made me nervous.  On Friday his eye got really bad.  It was so swollen he looked like Sloth off of Goonies.

I of course freaked out because I had read the day before that the eye could burst.  I sure didn't want to have to experience that.  I called the vet that day and he told me unless he was experience a lot of pain he would have to wait until Monday.  Poco wasn't in much pain or even discomfort so I had to hope his eye wouldn't burst before Monday.

By Sunday his eye shrunk back into his socket but was still white and yucky.  He seemed to be a bit more playful and I could clean around his eye with a warm washcloth.

So we made it thru the weekend without anything traumatic happening.  

When I brought him to the vet this morning he was singing to all the other dogs.  It was a bit odd... it wasn't a bark or a growl like he usually does but a long straight tone and same pitch every time.  I only have a little over 2 hours before I pick him up and haven't heard anything from the vet so hopefully he is resting and waiting for me.  

I'm sure I will have to call him my One Eyed Poco... maybe have him bury a few treasures along our journey.  I love that boy.  Even when he isn't feeling so well he can make me smile.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Preparing for the road... again

I so can't wait to be working again.  I get soooo very bored which leads to depression.  I have a job in Florida from the end of April thru May or beginning of June.  Still looking for a house sitting gig in south Florida for the time I am there but not sure if that will happen. I will probably stay with my last roommate I had when I lived down there and maybe camp a little depending on the weather.  Hopefully I can find some other jobs while I am there to raise some funds for Alaska.

This week I have to start to prepare to leave.  Blue needs an oil change which I am going to do completely solo this time. :)  Wish me luck. haha... and she needs a new rear tire.  Hopefully a few things will sell so I can get the tire change this week.

I am trying to think of a different way to pack to leave more room for the boys and myself.  I would love to get rid of the crates but I just don't know if that will be possible.  I will be doing some experimenting so I have a light load and more functional space while traveling.

I am also very excited it is spring and I hopefully won't have to bundle up or freeze on my ride.  This time it will be the complete opposite... I will be hot with a chance of sunburn instead of frozen with a chance of frost bite.

Poco goes in for surgery to remove his eye tomorrow so he should be back to his normal rambunctious self before we leave in around 10 days.  Fingers crossed all goes well.  I always get very nervous when I leave my boys at the vet's office.  I worry something will happen with them and another pet or something will go wrong with surgery and in some way or another they will die before I get there.  Yes, I know I am a debby downer. : /  I try hard to stay positive so that is the space I am going to work on being in tomorrow.  Luckily Poco will be able to come home the same day if there are no complications.  So hoping for a smooth day tomorrow.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Peeling Apples

My dad brought an apple peeler back from his last trip to Nebraska.  He said growing up they had apple trees and would use the peeler to peel all the apples.  So of course I was excited to see what it did.

I have never used any type of apple peeler but this was just great.  Love that it takes out the core and it made curly-q apples.

A really long peel. hehe

I think some peanut butter needs to go in between the curls. 

It is the simple things that can make you happy... now to get more apples. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am so very thankful for the people who donated for Poco's surgery.  It only took 7 hours for us to raise the funds so I will be calling in the morning to schedule the surgery.  I feel like I can breathe a bit for the first time since this whole thing started.  I know I will be nervous while he is in surgery... I hate leaving my boys anywhere but I will keep reminding myself that Poco will feel sooo much better after.

Thank you all again!!!  Poco, Nube, Randall and I send you all Love.

Poco resting while we were working on fundraising

Poco up and moving

Eye Surgery for Poco

You all know Poco wasn't feeling too good the other week... well he seems to be much better in the area of eating, drinking and wandering around.  Then Friday last week he got a scratch in his cornea causing a cornea ulcer.  We took him to the vet thinking he might of had a stroke but he did not and all of his blood work and everything turned out good.  So I am thankful for that.  The vet was really great and understood I didn't have any money and I am thankful my parents had some money to take Poco to the vet to begin with.  Anyway...

The vet gave us some ointment to put in his eye to help the ulcer but said it was really deep and he wasn't sure if it would heal or if he would ever be able to see again.  His eye has been oozing and yesterday it started to bulge so this morning I called the vet to ask if that was healing or if it was getting worse.  Unfortunately, it is getting worse.  He told me the best thing to do is to remove the eye.  I am quite sad but there is something we can do.  The only problem is since I haven't been able to find worked in a few weeks I have no money to pay for the surgery.  So I have started a gofundme campaign and could use your help.  I hate asking for money and would rather earn it myself but my Poco needs help and I am out of options.  

I do have some great rewards with my crochet goods and my Journey To Worthy CD.  Poco, Nube, Randall and I will be forever grateful.  We hope to have Poco back to his rambunctious self soon.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am excited I finally found a gig for a couple months in Florida.  It will be good to be back where I call home for a short time.  It will also be great to be back on the road.  I have a couple weeks before I need to leave so I have some time to raise some funds for a new tire for Blue.  I have a few things for sale on ebay and craigslist.  The more I live this life on the road the more I realize I need less.  Never thought I would be one living with next to nothing.  Don't get me wrong I have gotten rid of a lot of things and don't have a house full of stuff.  I usually do a good purge of stuff every time I move... well not a purge but a few trips to Goodwill or selling/giving things away on craigslist.  I don't have much these days but I feel I could do with even less... and if I haven't used it in the last 6 months to a year and don't see using it in the near future it is just taking up space when it could be used by someone else.  So off to find homes for a few items I do love but don't need.  I hope to eventually have everything I own fit in my trailer.  Except for maybe a box of items I keep at my parents of sentimental things.  

The other great thing about not having room to bring anything new is the amount of money I save by not buying things I don't really need.  I can go thru Walmart and not buy a thing... and when I do buy something it is a basic necessity like food or something for my boys.  I have no need for anything.. kind of odd.  No shoes, clothes or whatever... I tell myself I have to wait until I can't use what I already have.  So hopefully this time out I will be going out with less.  We will see...

Well anyway... not much I need to do other than get Blue ready... oil change, tire and be sure her brakes are good.  Ohh and the best part is finding some random way to get there. :)

I am also looking for a house/pet sitting gig for the month of May in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.  You can check out my house sitting profile on  If you know anyone looking for a house/pet sitter in the area let me know or send them my link.

I feel like I can breathe again... can't wait for my new adventure.