Monday, April 8, 2013

Surgery Day for Poco

Poco went to the vet this morning for his surgery.  I will be able to pick him up after 3:30 this afternoon.  They told me no news was good news and I haven't heard anything yet so I am happy.

After dropping Poco off at the vet this morning I took a nap.  I was having a dream of Poco coming home from the vet with one eye closed and the other eye open and then magically his eye opened and he had 2 perfect eyes like nothing happened.  I have been bummed about Poco having to loose an eye but I know it is the best for him but after I woke up I started to cry.  I think because Poco loosing an eye is telling me he is not invincible and well, I just felt so bad that he has to hurt and loose his eye.  

I have had a few people tell me that this same thing happened to their pet and they had to remove the eye.  They reassure me that it will not phase him.  They bounce back and Poco will be back to himself soon.  I so can't wait.

This weekend made me nervous.  On Friday his eye got really bad.  It was so swollen he looked like Sloth off of Goonies.

I of course freaked out because I had read the day before that the eye could burst.  I sure didn't want to have to experience that.  I called the vet that day and he told me unless he was experience a lot of pain he would have to wait until Monday.  Poco wasn't in much pain or even discomfort so I had to hope his eye wouldn't burst before Monday.

By Sunday his eye shrunk back into his socket but was still white and yucky.  He seemed to be a bit more playful and I could clean around his eye with a warm washcloth.

So we made it thru the weekend without anything traumatic happening.  

When I brought him to the vet this morning he was singing to all the other dogs.  It was a bit odd... it wasn't a bark or a growl like he usually does but a long straight tone and same pitch every time.  I only have a little over 2 hours before I pick him up and haven't heard anything from the vet so hopefully he is resting and waiting for me.  

I'm sure I will have to call him my One Eyed Poco... maybe have him bury a few treasures along our journey.  I love that boy.  Even when he isn't feeling so well he can make me smile.

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