Sunday, April 7, 2013

Preparing for the road... again

I so can't wait to be working again.  I get soooo very bored which leads to depression.  I have a job in Florida from the end of April thru May or beginning of June.  Still looking for a house sitting gig in south Florida for the time I am there but not sure if that will happen. I will probably stay with my last roommate I had when I lived down there and maybe camp a little depending on the weather.  Hopefully I can find some other jobs while I am there to raise some funds for Alaska.

This week I have to start to prepare to leave.  Blue needs an oil change which I am going to do completely solo this time. :)  Wish me luck. haha... and she needs a new rear tire.  Hopefully a few things will sell so I can get the tire change this week.

I am trying to think of a different way to pack to leave more room for the boys and myself.  I would love to get rid of the crates but I just don't know if that will be possible.  I will be doing some experimenting so I have a light load and more functional space while traveling.

I am also very excited it is spring and I hopefully won't have to bundle up or freeze on my ride.  This time it will be the complete opposite... I will be hot with a chance of sunburn instead of frozen with a chance of frost bite.

Poco goes in for surgery to remove his eye tomorrow so he should be back to his normal rambunctious self before we leave in around 10 days.  Fingers crossed all goes well.  I always get very nervous when I leave my boys at the vet's office.  I worry something will happen with them and another pet or something will go wrong with surgery and in some way or another they will die before I get there.  Yes, I know I am a debby downer. : /  I try hard to stay positive so that is the space I am going to work on being in tomorrow.  Luckily Poco will be able to come home the same day if there are no complications.  So hoping for a smooth day tomorrow.

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