Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wheelchair Dancing

When riding with my mom in her car I have noticed that her handicapped parking tag that goes in the window looks really cool when the sun shines thru it.

To me it looks like 2 people dancing in wheelchairs.  I always smile and imagine the smooth movements of 2 people in wheelchairs dancing would make. 

This last fall I went to the Cerebral Palsy Association of New York Conference to present the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments.  While there they showed a film called Musical Chairs.  It was a beautiful film.  Here is the trailer:

I totally recommend checking out this film.

You can youtube Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing and see many videos.

Here is one of them...

I would love to see some ballroom dancing like that live.  It is so beautiful and graceful!!  I think Dancing with the Stars needs some cool dancers like this on the show.  That would be AWESOME!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feeling Better

I am thankful for all who sent good vibes to my Poco.  I was really scared I was going to loose him.  I got Poco about a month after I got out of a 32 day inpatient stay for my Eating Disorder.  He was my guardian and would follow me around even in the bathroom.  When I wasn't doing well he was by my side so it is only right when he isn't feeling so well I am by his side.  There was a day he barely moved and just slept.  I had to keep touching him to be sure he was breathing.  :(  We made him a little bed out of a basket so I could bring him everywhere with me.

Today he is up and running around and causing mischief so he is back to his normal self.  His one ear is still limp but he is happy and energetic and that makes me happy.  I love my Poco... and all my boys.  I am one lucky person.  :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poor Babies

My poor babies have not been feeling very well.  My Poco has been a bit off for a few days and Nube wasn't feeling so hot this morning.  This morning when I went to let Poco and Nube out they were filthy from being sick all night.  Poor Nube was a brown dog... (he is a white dog) and Poco just didn't look well.   I gave them a bath and when I was bringing them outside Nube projectile vomited luckily just water.  Nube seems to have bounced back but poor Poco will not eat and doesn't have a lot of strength.  So more water with a bit of canned dog food mixed in to hopefully get him some calories.  Poco is all wrapped up in a towel on my lap.  Makes me very sad.  I couldn't imagine my life without my boys and when they get sick... especially Poco, who is the oldest (going to be 13 this August), it makes me realize that they are aging and I get sad. Hopefully Poco will be back to his energetic self soon.  Until then it will be lots of lovin'.

Poor Poco :(

Poco and Nube in New Mexico

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random Weirdness

I have said many times that I love being bald... and sometimes I just can't help but chuckle at what I think I look like.  So here are some examples.

This was at a party when I brought fake mustaches and sombreros... you can't tell me we don't look alike. :)

And you can't tell me that doesn't look like my father.

This was my latest one.

I wonder who will be next....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting it together

Well after my pitiful post the other day things are starting to go my way a bit.  I have a few interviews this week and a couple I am really excited about.  The great thing is the ones I am excited about are temporary so Alaska it will be this summer.  I am also extremely excited because I found a house sitting gig in Wasilla in July... I so can't wait!!!  So fingers crossed I get some things going and start saving for an amazing summer.  :D

Sometimes my faith in myself runs short but only temporary until I can see some light.  Life is good!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Sorry I have been such a slacker on posting.  I am back in Kentucky trying to get a job to raise some funds to get back on the road to Alaska.  It is very frustrating to me.  I am always applying for jobs in my field of audio/video, theatre and such along with jobs just to pay the bills but I rarely even get an interview and very rarely get a job.  I apply for around 20 to 50 jobs a day... 7 days a week, anything from temporary, part time and full time position in everything from retail, childcare, to jobs in my field all over the country.  It gets really hard for me to stay positive.  It is hard to be proud of all the work I have done from spending 10 years to beat my eating disorder and have a handle on my depression along with finally graduating from college and to go on to get my masters.  Oh and all those years working with people to help them live life to the fullest and working for non-profits making very little money to learn all that I can about my field.  I have had great experiences and am very advanced in my field but it really doesn't matter.

This lack of being able to find a job is why I decided to live on the road.  Why live in poverty stuck in one place.  I figured I needed to find a way to have nothing but everything all at once.  Doing what I love and being happy is worth more than anything and living on the road does that for me.  I'm not asking to be rich... I just want to be able to eat and pay my small amount of bills and have gas for Blue to keep us going.

So the last few days I have been feeling sorry for myself... kind of tired of that crap.  Maybe I am just suppose to live life a bit different.  Even so I should be able to pay my very few bills and be able to eat every day but if I wasn't staying at my parents house I would have no food to eat.  And of course right now bills can't even be touched.  Only a few hundred dollars I need and I can't do it.  Go figure... spent hundreds of thousands of dollars so I wanted to eat and yet I can't afford to eat.  Oops, sorry... feeling sorry for myself again.

I think now is time for a new plan... figure out what is needed and be off.   Maybe a new business plan to start my own small business... maybe figuring out what I can sell and what is needed... not that I have much these days but surely there is something.

Time to set small goals again to get me thru each day.  Today I am going to finish up a hat I started for someone... it is over halfway done so it should be an easy task for today.