Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feeling Better

I am thankful for all who sent good vibes to my Poco.  I was really scared I was going to loose him.  I got Poco about a month after I got out of a 32 day inpatient stay for my Eating Disorder.  He was my guardian and would follow me around even in the bathroom.  When I wasn't doing well he was by my side so it is only right when he isn't feeling so well I am by his side.  There was a day he barely moved and just slept.  I had to keep touching him to be sure he was breathing.  :(  We made him a little bed out of a basket so I could bring him everywhere with me.

Today he is up and running around and causing mischief so he is back to his normal self.  His one ear is still limp but he is happy and energetic and that makes me happy.  I love my Poco... and all my boys.  I am one lucky person.  :)

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