Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poor Babies

My poor babies have not been feeling very well.  My Poco has been a bit off for a few days and Nube wasn't feeling so hot this morning.  This morning when I went to let Poco and Nube out they were filthy from being sick all night.  Poor Nube was a brown dog... (he is a white dog) and Poco just didn't look well.   I gave them a bath and when I was bringing them outside Nube projectile vomited luckily just water.  Nube seems to have bounced back but poor Poco will not eat and doesn't have a lot of strength.  So more water with a bit of canned dog food mixed in to hopefully get him some calories.  Poco is all wrapped up in a towel on my lap.  Makes me very sad.  I couldn't imagine my life without my boys and when they get sick... especially Poco, who is the oldest (going to be 13 this August), it makes me realize that they are aging and I get sad. Hopefully Poco will be back to his energetic self soon.  Until then it will be lots of lovin'.

Poor Poco :(

Poco and Nube in New Mexico

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