Monday, September 30, 2013

New Job

I started my new job for Amazon as Campforce for the holiday season.  They hire a few thousand workampers to help them thru the holiday shopping season.  They give you a campsite at a local campground and an hourly wage.  I am on my third week and starting 10 hour shifts.  I am what they call a picker... so I go throughout the warehouse getting items people bought online and sending it to the people who pack it up and ship it out.  It is exhausting but I love feeling my body in motion... well my feet may say otherwise.  I figure here in a couple weeks the soreness will go away and I will be singing holiday songs at the top of my lungs to entertain myself... as if I was on Blue.

Here are a few pictures of where I am staying.  I am staying at a state park in the area.  Love it!... well I would love it even more if they figured out how to clean the bathrooms but you can't always have everything. ;)

It is called Green River Lake State Park so I am obviously on a lake. :)

It has a beach, miniature golf, hiking trails, boat dock and fishing.

This is my campsite for the next 3 1/2 months.  The boys are loving it and I am enjoying relaxing evenings eating dinner on the picnic table with Poco and Nube outside with me.

I had a challenge the other day to be in one of the pictures I take... so here I am.  Yep my hair is growing back... might need a comb here soon. hehe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fishing with my dad

On my way to my next gig I got to spend a couple of days with my parents.  They just got a boat over the summer so my dad and I had to take it out and go fishing.  As a child my dad would take my brothers and I fishing and I always enjoyed spending the day at the "lake"... well where we went were really more like ponds but as a child little things always seem so big. :)

The first evening we went out we didn't catch anything but the next morning we got out nice and early to get in a few more hours before my dad went to work and I had a lunch date with my mom and a friend.

Starting nice and early... watching the sun rise.

I caught the first fish of the morning but then I didn't have any more luck until we were done and I caught the last fish of the day.

My dad's first fish... I about fell off the boat laughing because he was so excited when he thought he caught something and his face was priceless when that is what he realized he caught.

Then he was catching fish left and right... this was a good sized fish he caught.  I think we caught 6 fish all together so not too bad.  We were just catch and releasing... I'm sure if we caught a large one that we would take home but these little guys we let back in to be caught by someone or something else.

It was nice just to be cruising around on the water and looking and listening to nature.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Old Time Fun

Before I left my job in Montana we spend an afternoon taking old time photos of me, Poco and Nube.  Here are some of the pictures.  We had a lot of fun.  I have a few more I will post later.  So if you are in Virginia City Montana next summer don't forget to stop by Wallace Street Photographic Emporium and tell them Jackie sent you. :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hot Hot Hot travels

Sorry I have been so late on my postings.  I left Montana September 4th to travel to Kentucky for my new gig.  It was so beautiful in Montana and Wyoming but when you hit Nebraska it was triple digit temperatures in parts.  I had to change my riding hours so that I could be with the boys during the hotest parts of the day.  I would wake up early and ride until around noon and then if I needed to ride a bit more I would ride early evening for a couple of hours before dark.

This picture was taken just outside of Sheridan Wyoming.

On the really hot days I would get a bag of ice and poor it into the water bowl and hold it near the window with the fan pulling the air thru.  It would give us a bit of 'air conditioning'.  Randall figured out right away where the coolest spot was.  I also had one afternoon I bought a box of frozen fruit pops.  I ate 1 and Poco and Nube ate the rest.  We survived but it sure wasn't pleasant.  Yuck-o!

On our last morning on my way to spend a couple of days with my parents I stopped in Metropolis Illinois to get a picture of Superman for my nephew.

I got to spend a day with him on my way thru Nebraska... he liked to play in the trailer and pretend we were going to Disney World.