Friday, September 27, 2013

Hot Hot Hot travels

Sorry I have been so late on my postings.  I left Montana September 4th to travel to Kentucky for my new gig.  It was so beautiful in Montana and Wyoming but when you hit Nebraska it was triple digit temperatures in parts.  I had to change my riding hours so that I could be with the boys during the hotest parts of the day.  I would wake up early and ride until around noon and then if I needed to ride a bit more I would ride early evening for a couple of hours before dark.

This picture was taken just outside of Sheridan Wyoming.

On the really hot days I would get a bag of ice and poor it into the water bowl and hold it near the window with the fan pulling the air thru.  It would give us a bit of 'air conditioning'.  Randall figured out right away where the coolest spot was.  I also had one afternoon I bought a box of frozen fruit pops.  I ate 1 and Poco and Nube ate the rest.  We survived but it sure wasn't pleasant.  Yuck-o!

On our last morning on my way to spend a couple of days with my parents I stopped in Metropolis Illinois to get a picture of Superman for my nephew.

I got to spend a day with him on my way thru Nebraska... he liked to play in the trailer and pretend we were going to Disney World.

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