Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eye Surgery for Poco

You all know Poco wasn't feeling too good the other week... well he seems to be much better in the area of eating, drinking and wandering around.  Then Friday last week he got a scratch in his cornea causing a cornea ulcer.  We took him to the vet thinking he might of had a stroke but he did not and all of his blood work and everything turned out good.  So I am thankful for that.  The vet was really great and understood I didn't have any money and I am thankful my parents had some money to take Poco to the vet to begin with.  Anyway...

The vet gave us some ointment to put in his eye to help the ulcer but said it was really deep and he wasn't sure if it would heal or if he would ever be able to see again.  His eye has been oozing and yesterday it started to bulge so this morning I called the vet to ask if that was healing or if it was getting worse.  Unfortunately, it is getting worse.  He told me the best thing to do is to remove the eye.  I am quite sad but there is something we can do.  The only problem is since I haven't been able to find worked in a few weeks I have no money to pay for the surgery.  So I have started a gofundme campaign and could use your help.  I hate asking for money and would rather earn it myself but my Poco needs help and I am out of options.  

I do have some great rewards with my crochet goods and my Journey To Worthy CD.  Poco, Nube, Randall and I will be forever grateful.  We hope to have Poco back to his rambunctious self soon.

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