Friday, July 10, 2015

Heavenly Day

It was one of those days... Nothing special or out of the ordinary.  A nice relaxing morning with my friend.  We had breakfast took the dogs for a stroll and relaxed outside.  Early afternoon Yoska and I got on Blue and took a short ride thru Custer, Needles Highway and rode the Iron Mountain Highway again.  I have to say the Iron Mountain was so much easier and enjoyable without having to pull TicTac thru all the switchbacks, curves and tunnels.

I had The song Heavenly Day stuck in my head all day... It was that type of day.

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Had dinner with my friend where she worked and then came back home and relaxed all evening.  Quite the perfect day.

Yoska seemed to have a good ride... Was quite antsy when I would take him out of the crate... Probably had a lot to smell out there.

Not too many tourists so it was enjoyable.

I was on Blue stopped to wait my turn to go thru a tunnel.  The mountain goat had 3 babies and another adult came after.  By that time way too many people up in their face so I rode on.

Mount Rushmore in the background.

One of the three tunnels on the Iron Mountain.  Sun was in the wrong place to get a good picture of Mount Rushmore thru the tunnel.

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