Thursday, July 2, 2015

Peaceful evening

One of my favorite things is to sit and listen to the silence.  Yesterday evening was perfect for that.  Yoska and I chilled outside until the sun went down... Which is around 10pm.

Wore Yoska out just being outside.  I was so happy he finally went potty close to the trailer.  I normally have to walk him quite a ways away before he will even think about it.  He finally wanted back in the trailer to nap.

I probably haven't said enough how excited I am to hit the road.  I will see a few road friends and a few friends who aren't on the road and I should be quite entertained for the rest of the year.  Now to figure out how to find one day to one week jobs on the road.  No more working a boring job every day even if it is for a few months.  I want to help people who need it doing a little bit of everything.  I want to learn new skills and do weird jobs you may never think of doing... Or maybe never heard of.  If you know of anything pass it on.  I want to do everything... The fun jobs and the not so fun jobs.  Learning, enjoying new company and a new adventure not only where I am going but in what I am doing.  Can't wait to see what is out there to share with you all.

The day ended with another beautiful sunset.


  1. JH_

    I'm not sure why I feel this way, but I'm glad you're out there with your little dog chillin' in Montana. I'm still paying off my van and a few other bills before I go. Hopefully by next summer.

    *Appreciate the pics and helping me keep my eye on the ball ( freedom ) or at least another way of living.

  2. Jaclyn,
    Having retired in 2011 my plans where to find projects to work on However, after reading your blog my attitude has shifted to a more reflective one. Let's consider what would be fun to do instead of how do I get this job done....... Interesting, my wife has noticed the change.... Stay safe. Donald Ambrose