Saturday, July 25, 2015

A night in White River

I spent a night in White River South Dakota at the city park.  I was the only one camping.  Great spot with about 10 camping spots.  Met a nice woman coming into town who told all there was to do.  The casino, a restaurant and gas station were the places to be.  The city park was quite nice with camping, rodeo grounds, playground and a couple of ball fields.

There is vaulted toilets and a water spicket in the middle of the campground.

Yoska and I wandered around town a bit... Looking for Internet.... And seeing what was all around there.  Very peaceful.

The next morning Yoska and I had to go down the tornado slide in the park.  I use to love going down the tornado slide in a park in my hometown... It actually scared me quite a bit.  The steps up were small and steep and the pop sound the floor made at the top always made me think I was going to fall thru.  Yoska and I made it up the stairs and down the slide.  

Wasn't terribly exciting but made me smile.

Then of course I had to have Yoska pose on the dinosaur.  Haha. Such a good boy.


  1. have you ever sought out sponsorships? Seems like your artistic eye and a bit of judicious commentary would be something a book publishing company would be interested in. You might would need to talk to more of the townsfolk. Small towns, USA or The Tiniest Dots on the Map seems likely names. Yeah, I know you have had enough of small town mentality for awhile, but if you could get a sponsor, your play here could be your work. I love the things you see through the lens. This post, esp the broken out window and the empty gas station. They speak many words without uttering a sound.

    1. Thank you! It has crossed my mind. I love small towns and think it is the main thing people miss out on when they travel by plane or interstate. It's what America is made out of and I love the history and imagining what these towns were like in their prime.

    2. nothing personal but more pictures of yoska. blogs with animals do better. most people i meet want to pet my dog, not me. maybe it's just me. they usually say "hi, may i pet the dog".

      just a thought.

      ice cream. raz