Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yarn Game

I was cleaning out TicTac the other day and came across this ball of yarn I made from all my scarp yarn.  I decided I was going to make beanies out of it since beanies seem to be my thing this year.  I have made 30 beanies so far this year.  I sell them to help fund my travels.  $20 a beanie.  They are youth or adult sizes.

Beanies left from my 30 beanies I have made so far this year.
I decided with the ball of yarn I found I am going to create a guessing game.  Guess how many adult beanies I can make with this ball of yarn.  To play... like my FB page at and take your guess by posting your guess on this picture.

The first correct answer will get a free beanie from the beanies I make with this ball of yarn.

I really have no idea how many beanies it will make but they will all use the same pattern.

To help you with your guess I have made 2 beanies already.

This should occupy me for a few days at least and might be quite fun.  Guess away and Good Luck!


  1. how would we buy a beanie?

    ice cream. raz

    1. Let me know here or via email and can pay thru paypal.