Friday, May 1, 2015

Back on the Road

After a couple weeks hanging out in Cottonwood I decided I needed to ride.  I have a pet sitting gig May 7th so I have a few days to go before having to stay in one place for a few days.

I went up thru Page, Arizona then took Hwy 89 to I-70.  I don't have a National Parks pass so I didn't stop at any parks along the way.  I will have to save up for the pass one year and spend the year going to National Parks.

Here are a few pictures.

South of Page Arizona
Happy Jackie
Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Dam
Northern part of Hwy 89
I have had a beautiful couple of days so far.  Met some nice people.  Had a guy take a picture with me at the Glen Canyon Dam.  I also met an RVer at the Walmart in Richfield who was also from Nebraska originally and gave me some left over pizza for dinner.  

Feeling at home... where I belong... on the road.


  1. I really admire you. Found your blog on Cheap RV Living. Stay safe!

  2. jh, do you avoid interstates? we have always appreciated 2 lanes. if we get on 4 lanes or more roads i try to run at least 2mph under the limit. a lot easier to drive. we rarely have to pass, we just scout along looking for eagles, hawks, buzzards, long neck ducks(geese), wild turkeys, deer, long horns, llamas, alpacas, oreo cows, burros and windmills. we saw our first zebra last tuesday (mind you that we live in rural indiana). havin to much fun.

    ice cream raz

    1. I prefer a 2 lane over interstate. The semi trucks aren't my favorite vehicles. They don't leave enough space when they pull in front. but sometimes I can't help but go on the interstate... if I need to be somewhere or sometimes there is no other option. If it is windy (over 20mph) I stay completely off the interstate.