Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pay it Forward

The last 2 days have been quite interesting.  Just when you think man kind is the worse creature on the face of the earth someone comes about to help get back the faith.

Friday night I went to the gas station to get some beer for dinner with a friend.  The debit/credit card was not working so I thought I would just go to the next gas station down the road.  A nice guy not only paid for my beer but for the person's stuff in front of me.  As he payed he just said 'pay it forward'

Then Saturday at the farmer's market a woman was having a hard time remembering where she put her money to purchase some bread from me.  The woman's friend said she had memory problems.  The woman was searching for over 5 minutes and was getting really frustrated when another woman came to my stand and bought some bread and payed for this woman's bread also.  I told the woman who couldn't find her money that she was set to go.  She couldn't get over that someone she didn't know would buy her bread.

It does seem like good people are few and far between but they are out there.  To me it is important to try to be one of those people few and far between... it sure can be a challenge but I do my best.

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