Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Bald and Beautiful

This morning as I was shaving my head outside my little shack I started to think about what my shaved head means to me.

When people ask I always give a basic answer... not too deep.  I tell them because I wear a helmet every day and it is much easier than dealing with sweaty yucky hair.  Or I tell them I have known many women who have lost their hair from cancer and I wanted to know what it was like to be bald.  I do believe in both of the above but there is something much deeper for me.

If I don't shave my head for a day I feel very sluggish and not too sure of myself.  I begin to feel disgusted with myself.  As soon as I shave I feel energized and like me again.  Part of it may be I don't want to stop doing something because society tells me I should:  Women shouldn't be bald.  Being bald has something to do with your health, mental health or your sexuality.  I am somehow less feminine because I am bald.  (yes, I get called sir constantly) I couldn't imagine what it would feel like for someone who lost their hair not by choice and then have to deal with stigmas like those.  I still don't understand why it is acceptable for a man to be bald but not a woman... or how being bald is not professional.  You can't imagine the looks I get when I go into a job interview bald.  They are usually polite but you can tell by the eyes popping out I will not get the job... not because I am not qualified but because I am bald.  Not sure how being bald impedes my ability to do the job...

It is just hair!!!

I read an article on yahoo how a woman avoided the mirror to help gain self confidence.  I can't say I avoid mirrors but I have no use for them.  I can see if what I wear matches without a mirror... but to be honest I could care less.  I don't have to do my hair just shave it off which doesn't take a mirror.  I don't wear makeup and I know where my teeth are so what is the point of a mirror?  I'm sure if something was on my face I would either feel it or someone would just tell me.  And if not, again, who cares... it isn't the end of the world.

I shave my head to empower myself.  To realize I can do anything, I am strong, I am beautiful.  I shave my head to have a moment of reflection.  I shave my head to tear away from societies view on what is beautiful.  I shave my head to go deeper... to not hide behind beauty but to be upfront with beauty.  To become closer with the knowledge that we are all beautiful and not to have that as just a cliche people say.  We need to take back beautiful.

Shaving my head is my favorite part of my grooming routine.  I am enjoying shaving my head outside.  I sit right outside of my little shack on my chair... I have a bowl of water and shaving cream.  I relax and shave my head for the world to see.

                                   A picture of me a year ago when being bald was still new.
                                     I have been bald for over 13 months and still LOVE it!

(I will try to remember to take a picture of shaving my head in front of my shack this weekend to share)


  1. I read that same article, and wonder if we avoid mirrors because we have such distortions about what we look like, and nothing is ever good enough. I know that during yoga, I NEVER look at my body in the mirror, because I still have trouble with how I view my body, and I need to look and teach myself that I can accept myself no matter what. I love that you don't care what other people think. I sometimes care too much, although I'm getting better. I love your bald head!

    1. I think at first I stopped looking in the mirror out of pure frustration with myself. Never seeing who I wanted to see. After many years it has just become a way of life. I don't buy mirrors, I don't own a mirror and I don't care to have one. I do take a glance at myself when I am in a public restroom ... really out of habit but I use that time to be sure I am still here. hehe