Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raising Some Gas Money

Trying to figure out ways to raise money for my BlueRoad Project.  I don't really have the resources or backing for a crowd sourcing fundraising... well, not yet.  So I am selling my crochet hats... on sale now thru December 1 and also my CD Journey To Worthy (now thru December 15), which is a CD full of folk songs I wrote during my recovery of an Eating Disorder.  So please check them out with the links below.

Now thru November 1 all pre-made hats are $10 and $2 S&H.  You can view all hats available on Neldee Facebook Page.    Feel free to comment on the hat you like or email me at  I also do custom orders from hats, bags, wristers, scarvers and whatever you can think of.  Email me with what you are looking for and we can discuss.  

Only 1 hat of each is available.  S&H is for continental US... all other places will have an extra fee.  Payment is thru paypal where you can use your account or a credit card.

My CD, Journey To Worthy is available in CD or on itunes.  You can purchase thru my Journey To Worthy Website.  Journey To Worthy is a CD and website of my journey thru an Eating Disorder, Depression and Self Injury.  I have done speaking engagements at schools, conference and community events along with interviews for papers, magazines and documentaries.  You can also search thru there and see me with hair... hehe...

I still have lots to do before I head out on the road again in like 2 weeks.... YIKES!  Guess I better get working!!!

I found out yesterday my adventure will be taking me to New Mexico for 6 weeks.... I so can't wait!!

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