Saturday, November 10, 2012

Out and About

My mom and her friend and I had a day out and about.  We went to Crofton, KY to eat and go to a Amish run grocery/country store.

We got to Crofton a bit early and there was a train that had stopped on the track so we took a bit of a detour to occupy our time.  It was an nice ride out in the country and we saw Amish buggies, cattle and a man standing on his side porch with a huge rifle... I wasn't driving but I sure told them to get out of there.  hahaha... Guess it has been a while since I have been in a place where people stand on their porch with guns in hand. :)

We went to an Amish run grocery/country store there in Crofton.  I just loved this sign I saw on the shelf.  "Stealing is a sickness... don't get sick in here"

On the way to the country store I saw this church I just had to stop and take a picture with the sign.  I first thought it was a wedding chapel... nope it was a gospel church.  House of Love Full Gospel Church in Crofton, KY.

We went to eat at the Crofton Diner.  We all had cheeseburgers.  Not quite sure what is up with bathrooms here in Kentucky but the toilets seem to be inches above the ground.  haha... in case you wanted to know.  It seems to be like that everywhere we go and I just can't figure out why you would even want to buy a toilet like that... but back to my day.

After we ate we drove to Elkton, KY to an Amish bakery.  We got some noodles and cinnamon rolls... what else do you need in life?!?! 

All in all quite the entertaining day.  My mom and her friend are quite fun to hang around with.

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  1. looks like fun!! love the amish sign.-- berta