Friday, November 2, 2012

West Virginia

The second day of my travels we went thru the very top of West Virginia on I-70.  It was very cold and wet.  By that time I had already been on the road for a couple hours and was getting very cold.  The temperature was around 44 degrees... which on a bike on the interstate would make the feel below freezing.  I had my leather jacket and chaps on along with my gators for my feet and my heavier rain gloves... I was still cold.  So about every 50 miles or so I would have to stop to warm up a bit.  It made that tiny section of West Virginia seem to take forever.  Everywhere I stopped people kept telling me I was almost out of the rain.  Just get to the east side of Columbus Ohio and I would be dry.  I just kept pushing thru knowing I didn't have the time to spare to wait it out... luckily I didn't because Sandy brought days of rain and snow.

Here is a picture of Blue and our new home hanging with the big boys at a rest stop in West Virginia.

Check in tomorrow for my scary adventure thru Ohio.

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