Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well I ended up leaving before November 1.  I had to beat out Sandy otherwise I had the potential of being stuck in NY for who knows how long.  So I left on Saturday.... but decided to go on Friday.  That meant I had a ton to do Saturday morning.  I had packages to ship to my parents, pack up everything I own (luckily not very much) and fit every one and everything into the trailer.  It was a bit of a challenge and I wasn't able to leave until around 2pm.

The main thing with packing was trying to find the right way to pack all the weight.  You want the weight to the front but you don't want to put so much pressure that the tongue of the trailer is really low.  So it took a couple times but I figured it out.  I had a couple things that weighed a lot and they worked best over the tires.  I kept everything that was really light in the back of the trailer.  I also had 2 crate... one for Poco and Nube and one for Randall.  I also had my biker gear to put on the bike and emergency things for Blue on the bike and I could fit one bad of clothes in the saddle bad and one I strapped to the top.  I was a bit nervous it was going to be too heavy but Blue did great and it didn't feel like I was pulling anything more than I had with nothing inside.

The weather was overcast but the temperature was perfect.  I was a bit nervous taking the trailer on the interstate but I needed to get out as fast and safe as I could so I had to at least try the interstate.  I was quite surprised it was easier to pull on the interstate than in town.  It was like nothing was back there.

It only take a couple hours to get out of NY so it was great for testing everything out and stopping a couple times to be sure everyone and everything was ok.  Boys seemed to enjoy themselves in the trailer... probably more that they were with me and I was checking on them often.  It was a great start to our new life.

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