Monday, November 19, 2012

Testing things out

Today I had the chance to set up the tent I finally got with all the parts.  It is quite nice but kind of frustrated with the suction cups that attach the tent to the trailer.  Every time a breeze gets in between the tent and trailer the suction cups fall off ... but I think my dad came up with a solution... at least one that will help with the boys getting in and out of the trailer.

Here is where the tent connects with suction cups... no matter how I put them on there after a small breeze or any movement of the tent the suction cups would fall off.  My dad gave me a long rug to lay across the bottom of the doorway so the boys won't slip thru to the outside... hopefully that will put less pressure on the suction cups and the ones on the sides and top will actually stay connected... only time will tell.

I also got to charge up the battery with the solar panel today.

The 2 poles leaning on the trailer weren't put into the ground... we were just checking out different ways to use the poles. There is also 1 longer pole but we have no idea what that is used for... and of course there is very minimal instructions... guess you are just suppose to know. 

The sun was bright today and hard to take a picture from the front.  The three walls not connected to the trailer are a screen... so it will be great to see everything while inside the tent.  Can't wait to see the view everywhere we go.

I had to bring in my chair and get a feel for the tent.  I think it will be quite great for me and my boys.

Now I have to figure out what I need to bring with me and the way to store and pack everything.  My mom and I found some bins that fit really well in the trailer to keep things organized... now I need to figure out what I am organizing... fun fun :)

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