Thursday, November 15, 2012

What a day...

My mom and I went on a bit of an adventure yesterday.  Well... it wasn't meant to be that kind of adventures.

We went to Clarksville to get a few things and boy did we get lost.  I had never been there before so I couldn't be of much help... and my mom could not remember where this one store was located.  It took hours of driving and calls to my dad before we finally found it.   All we wanted was one thing off of their weekly flyer.  Of course on the flyer there was no address and the GPS doesn't work so well unless you have an address.  Not sure how that works for the store... you would think if they mail it out to people you would want them to know where you are located so they can buy things from your store... but maybe I am wrong on that one.  haha

Luckily we could remember our home address so the GPS could help us get back home.

It was quite entertaining and it occupied our entire day... what is life without a little bit of an adventures... or misadventure.

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