Monday, November 5, 2012


I love my new home but I have been extremely frustrated with the company and everything that goes with it.  I can't quite figure out why they would send out a trailer that was not done.

Tuesday I have to go into Nasvhille, which is 90 miles one way, to have the solar connector installed... which they forgot to install before they sent it to me.  I emailed them before I left NY to let them know I was coming this way but never heard back.  If they would of contacted me in a timely manner I probably would have been able to get it done 30 miles away before the local camping place closed for the season.

Then this weekend my dad and I put up my screened in tent that is suppose to connect to the trailer.  First the tent had snaps but there are no other end to those snaps... not on the trailer... not to connect to the trailer.  Then there is suppose to be a section of the tent that goes over the tire and of course that was not included.  Then last but not least I was missing a pole that holds up one side of the tent wall as an overhang.

It is sooo frustrating.  I have yet to receive this all weather cover for my trailer that I was promised since they drove my trailer 500 miles.  They didn't give me a full refund right away for my stargazer window that they said they could install but yet could not.   I received that a week after I got the trailer.

Guess who I am calling this morning.  They better resolve this ASAP because I have places to go.  Ugh.

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