Monday, November 12, 2012

Day ride

My parents and I went for a day ride to meet up with some of their friends in Tennessee.  We had a great ride and a great lunch at 5 Chefs in Portland, TN.  I will have some video later but here are a couple pics of my parents and my ride back to Kentucky.

My dad and mom... their Harley is the same color as Blue but they have an Ultra so it also has black accents of sorts.

That is my parents... the camera was on my helmet so they are in all the pictures. :)

The trees here are about half empty and half with colored leaves.

On the way home I used my GoPro on the photo setting so it took a photo every 2 seconds.

The bare trees

A few curves

Up a hill

My mom likes to take pictures of old barns on their rides so I thought it was fitting I caught them riding past an old barn.

I like how sometimes the camera makes the picture a bit funky...

especially when it takes a picture while you are moving your head to see something

Videos to come this week!!

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